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2003 EMEP Conference Presentations

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2005 EMEP Conference Presentations

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2007 EMEP Conference Presentations

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Flexible Technical Assistance (FlexTech) Program

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Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

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Industrial and Process Efficiency Program

Industrial and Process Efficiency Program Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial Process Efficiency Program Outreach Contractors

Incentives for Data Centers Through the Industrial Process and Efficiency Program

Incentives for Manufacturers Through the Industrial Process and Efficiency Program

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2016 LIFE Statewide Conference

2015 LIFE Regional Meetings

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New York ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes

Why Build a New York ENERGY STAR® Certified Home

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Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

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Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

Incentive Opportunities

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Solarize Campaigns

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Project Developers

Salesforce Training and Resources

Solar Announcements for Participating Contractors

Commercial/Industrial MW Block

Commercial/Industrial MW Block Resources & Forms

Become a Participating Contractor for Commercial/Industrial

Commercial/Industrial Stakeholder Meeting Updates

Residential/Small Commercial MW Block

Residential/Small Commercial MW Block Resources & Forms

Become a Participating Contractor for Residential/Small Commercial MW Block

Become a Solarize Installer

Quality Assurance- Residential/Small Commercial <200kW

Interconnection Information

Project Developer FAQS

Communities and Local Governments

NY-Sun Brings Shared Solar to Your Community

Solarize Your Community

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NY Truck Voucher Incentive Program

New York Generation Attribute Tracking System (NYGATS)

NYGATS Registration Documents

How to Use NYGATS

NYGATS Email List

NYGATS Contacts

On-Bill Recovery Financing Program

On Bill Inquiry Confirmation

On-Bill Inquiry Form

On-Bill Recovery Financing Program Frequently Asked Questions

On-Bill Complaint Handling Procedures

On-site Energy Manager Program

Commercial Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) Program

Renewable Heat NY

Advanced Cordwood Boiler

Frequently Asked Questions about Renewable Heat New York

Large Commercial Pellet Boiler

Residential Pellet Stove

Residential Pellet Stove Frequently Asked Questions

Income Guidelines

Guide to Participating in the Residential Pellet Stove Incentive Program

Small Pellet Boiler

Residential Financing Options

REV Campus Challenge

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Energy to Lead Competition


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Small Business and Not-for-Profit Financing

Small Business and Not-for-Profit Customers

On-Bill Recovery Loan - How to Apply

Participation Loan - How to Apply

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Frequently Asked Questions About On-Bill Recovery Financing for Small Businesses and Not-for-Profits

Program Information for Lenders

How to Offer an On-Bill Recovery Loan

Participation Loan Process

Lenders – How to make a loan

On-Bill Recovery Financing Program Frequently Asked Questions

Program Definitions

Energy Assessments through the Small Commercial Energy Efficiency Program

Small Wind Turbine Program

Smart Grid Program

Funding Opportunities, PONs, RFPs, RFQs

Current Funding Opportunities, PONs, RFPs, and RFQs

PON 1746 - FlexTech Program

PON 2112 - NY-Sun Financial Incentives

PON 2568 CHP Program

RFI 2568 CHP Program – CHP System Pre-Qualification

PON 2439 Small Wind Turbine Incentive Program

PON 3010 Renewable Heat NY Biomass Boiler Program

PON 3011 Community Solar NY Round 3

PON 3082 NY-Sun Commercial / Industrial Incentive Program

PON 3106 CGC Phase II Implementation Grants Round 3

Advanced Clean Energy (ACE) Exploratory Research Funding (PON 3249)

PON 3256 Fuel NY - Permanent Generator Initiative

PON 3261 Commercial Implementation Assistance Program

PON 3298 Clean Energy Communities Program

PON 3308 Commercial Tenant Program

PON 3309 Real Time Energy Management (RTEM)

PON 3319 Multifamily New Construction Program

PON 3334 On-site Energy Manager

RFP 3036 Energy Modeling Partners Application to Provide New Construction Technical Support

RFP 3044 NY Prize Community Grid Competition - Stage 2

RFP 3300 Outside Counsel Services

RFP 3370 NY Clean Energy Jobs Study

RFP 3399 Customer Service: Phone, Email, and Web Inquiry Support

RFQ 3164 Real Time Energy Management Qualified Vendor

PON 1601 Rev1 - New Construction Program

PON 2309 - Low-rise Residential New Construction

PON 2456 Industrial and Process Efficiency Program

Consolidated Funding Application (CFA)

Metric Guides

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Board Governance

Board and Committee Meetings and Webcasts

Board and Committee Meeting Archive

NYSERDA Board Members

Richard L. Kauffman

Sherburne B. Abbott

Charles Bell

Kenneth D. Daly

Matthew J. Driscoll

Jay L. Koh

John McAvoy

Gil C. Quiniones

Basil Seggos

Jigar Shah

Elizabeth W. Thorndike

Mark A. Willis

Audrey Zibelman

Bond Financing

Clean Energy Fund

Careers at NYSERDA

Director, Commercial – Albany or New York City Office (#342)

Leader, Digital Solutions – Albany or New York City Office (#332)

Technical Business Analyst & PeopleSoft Project Manager - Albany Office (#401)

Director, Multifamily Housing Sector - Albany or New York City (#397)

Leader, Information Solutions - Albany Office (#343)

Project Manager, Commercial - Albany Office (#376)

Senior System Administrator - Albany Office (#387)

Contract Administrator - Albany Office (#389)

Project Manager, Residential Existing Buildings - Albany Office (#392)

Project Manager, Industrial and Agriculture Team - Albany or NYC Office (#393)

Project Manager, Residential Financing - New York City Office (#395)

Senior Project Manager, Multifamily - New York City Office (#396)

Project Manager, Reporting - Albany Office (#399)

Senior Project Manager, Reporting - Albany Office (#400)

Writer and Technical Editor - Albany Office (#402)

Program Manager, Market Characterization & Evaluation - Albany Office (#403)

Project Manager, NY-Sun - Albany or New York City Office (#404)

Project Manager, Commercial Team – New York City Office (#368)

Project Manager, Operational Transformation & Lean – Albany Office (#372)

Project Manager - Residential Existing Buildings – Albany Office (#348)

Senior Project Manager, Codes and New Construction - Albany Office (#373)

Doing Business with NYSERDA

Executive Leadership

John B. Rhodes

Janet Joseph

Jeff Pitkin

David L. Margalit

Noah C. Shaw


History of NYSERDA


2016 Announcements

2015 Announcements

2014 Announcements

Press Release Email List

Social Media


New York Renewable Portfolio Standard

New York State Energy Plan

New York State Regulations Regarding NYSERDA

Green Jobs – Green New York

GJGNY Advisory Council

Advisory Council Charter

Advisory Council Meetings

GJGNY Low- to Moderate-Income (LMI) Working Group

Publications and Technical Reports

Building Stock and Potential Studies

Case Studies and Feature Articles

Agricultural Energy Efficiency Program Case Studies

Behavior Research Case Studies

Biomass Heating R&D Program Case Studies

Commercial Energy Efficiency Case Studies

Data Center Incentives Case Studies

EmPower Case Studies

ENERGY STAR® Certified Home Case Studies

Home Performance Case Studies

Industrial and Process Efficiency (IPE) Case Studies

Multifamily Performance Program: Existing Buildings

On-Site Power Application Case Studies

Small Wind Turbine Case Studies

RGGI-Funded Project Case Studies

Submetering for Multifamily Buildings

Transportation Case Studies

Casella Waste Systems - Example Best Practice

Frito Lay (PepsiCo) Uses Compressed Natural Gas to Fuel Fleet (Case Study)

Manhattan Beer Distributors (Case Study)

Modern Disposal Embraces Clean Energy

Smithtown - Example Best Practice

Waste Management- CNG Refuse Fleet (Case Study)

Workforce Development Case Studies

Featured Articles

Building a Statewide Ecosystem for a World-Class Cleantech Economy

Building a Cleantech Industry on Long Island

Summary: Building a Cleantech Industry on Long Island

ThermoLift: Pumping Up a Better Heat Source

High-Tech Buffalo Is Open for Business

Summary: High-Tech Buffalo Is Open for Business

Advancing the Photovoltaic Industry

Graphene — the Energy Booster for Better Storage

Syracuse: One-Stop Shop for Business Innovation

Summary: Syracuse One Stop Shop for Business Innovation

Ephesus: A Spotlight on Success

Excelling in Cleantech - NY EXCEL

Transforming Entrepreneurial Innovation Into Business Success

Transforming Entrepreneurial Innovation Into Business Success

Start Right Up in Rochester

Cooling off the Load

Cleaner, More Efficient Trucking

Energy Analysis Reports & Studies

Weekly Heating Fuels Report

Additional Reports/Studies

Energy Forecasts

Winter Fuels Outlook Presentations

Additional Energy Links

Energy Assurance and Energy Emergency Plans

Energy Statistics and Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Forecast

Weather Data

Heating Degree Day Information

Monthly Cooling and Heating Degree Day Data

Weekly Transportation Fuels Report

Natural Gas Studies

Patterns and Trends - New York State Energy Profile

Regional Utility Company Information

Energy Efficiency Services Reports

Petroleum Infrastructure Studies

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Potential Studies

Other Technical Reports

R&D Technical Reports Energy Audit Reports

Environmental Technology Verification Reports

New York State Data Center Market Characterization

European Wood-Heating Technology Survey

Wastewater Hard Copy Reports

GJGNY Advisory Council Reports

New York Solar Study

NYSERDA Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Offshore Wind Plans for New York State

Program Planning, Status and Evaluation Reports

Consolidated Edison Gas Efficiency Program

Energy Infrastructure Reports

EEPS and other Status Reports

Reforming the Energy Vision (REV)

Clean Energy Fund Reports

GJGNY Evaluation Reports

NY-Sun Performance Reports

NYSERDA Evaluation Reports

2016 NYSERDA Evaluation Reports

2015 NYSERDA Evaluation Reports

2014 NYSERDA Evaluation Reports

2013 NYSERDA Evaluation Reports

2012 NYSERDA Evaluation Reports

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Reports

Strategic Outlook

System Benefits Charge IV (SBCIV) Documents

Research and Technical Reports

Biomass - R&D Technical Reports

Solar - R&D Technical Reports

Clean Power Innovation - R&D Technical Reports

Environmental Research and Development Technical Reports

Responding to Climate Change in New York State (ClimAID)

Natural Gas Enviromental Impact

Wind - R&D Technical Reports

Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Reports- R&D Technical Reports

Clean Transportation Reports and Guides

Water and Wastewater Technical Reports

West Valley Reports

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

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21 NYCRR Part 507

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