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Multifamily Building Solutions Network


Expand your client base—and your profit margins—by joining the Multifamily Building Solutions Network.

As a Multifamily Building Solutions Provider, you can turn your energy efficiency expertise into more leads, bigger projects, and greater business success. Providers are a go-to resource for building owners and facility managers to help understand how energy efficiency can help solve building problems, and how to fold upgrades into a building improvement plan.


Multifamily Building Solutions Providers enjoy a number of business-building benefits:

Exclusive Incentive and Technical Assistance Opportunities. Your customers gain access to programs that require Multifamily Building Solutions Provider participation. A growing list of programs administered by NYSERDA, New York electric/gas utilities, and affordable housing agencies rely on your expertise for comprehensive building analysis. 

Enhanced reputability. The Multifamily Building Solutions Network is recognized by both peers and prospects as industry leaders that are committed to a high standard of quality and sustainability—making you stand out against your competition.

Direct access to leads. Providers are highly visible to a steady stream of prospects and have the ability to capture leads through NYSERDA.

Proactive solutions. Impact customers’ businesses beyond just energy savings with proactive solutions that make their buildings more comfortable, more compliant, and more valuable on the resale market.

Unique training opportunities. Build your technicians' skills through NYSERDA training—with some programs that are offered for free and others offered at a reduced-cost.

Access to resources. Tap into a broad knowledge base and best practices through NYSERDA. Access technical tips and simulation guidelines that may be used for multifamily building analysis.

Network with other Solution Providers. Interact with the Multifamily Building Solutions Network at organized events and learn about industry trends and updates. 

Minimum Requirements

To maintain a roster of high-quality professionals, NYSERDA evaluates applications against stringent standards. In addition to the Minimum Requirements, we are looking for teams that can show the technical knowledge, customer focus, and business stability to serve the multifamily market across New York State.

The following are the Minimum Requirements to become a member of the Network:

  1. Submit an application that scores above 80; 
  2. Members of your team must hold at least one of the following certifications: licensed professional engineer (PE), registered architect (RA), AEE Certified Energy Manager (CEM), AEE Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) or BPI Multifamily Building Analyst;
  3. Applicant must demonstrate a minimum of five years of industry experience; and,
  4. Applicants must hold insurance levels equal to a minimum of General Liability insurance of $1 million per occurrence.

Applications that do not meet all the minimum requirements above will not be considered.


Step 1. Download and review the following application documents:

Step 2. Sign and complete all application documents

Step 3. Submit your application via email to [email protected]