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Where climate tech gets real.

Climate Tech Innovators


Rapidly scale next-gen ideas into market-ready solutions

Innovation@NYSERDA activates a mission-critical ecosystem of pooled resources to drive climate tech and clean energy startups, early-stage developers, and major industry innovators, enabling transformative technologies on the path to net zero. Companies supported by Innovation@NYSERDA have generated $14M in sales since 2017.


Innovation@NYSERDA works to:

  • Drive cutting-edge innovation and scale technologies
  • Build equity in NY’s clean energy economy
  • Find, facilitate, and fund opportunities early in development
  • Connect climate tech innovators to resources, institutions, and capital
  • Reduce barriers for new technologies, from early R&D to commercialization


"Teeing Up Potentially Great Companies"


Innovator Types Receiving Funding

Innovator Types Receiving Funding NYSERDA Innovator Types Receiving Funding Chart NYSERDA Innovator Types Receiving Funding Chart


Accelerate with Innovation@NYSERDA

How good ideas get off the ground NYSERDA helps advise, fund and scale climate tech startups Resources for startups How early-stage companies grow We help innovative developers bring climate change solutions to marketResources for new companies How large and mid-stage companies scale new ideas We help industry partners realize and commercialize their ideas Resources for growing and large companies  


Innovator Projects Receiving Funding

Innovator Projects Receiving Funding NYSERDA Project Types Receiving Funding NYSERDA Project Types Receiving Funding