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Community Heat Pump Systems Projects


The projects listed on this page were selected for funding during Rounds 1-3 of the Community Heat Pump Systems Program. Projects awarded funding in this round include site-specific scoping studies, a construction project, and best practices guidebook development. See the map and the table below for more information about these projects.

Read the Round 1 Winners Press Release

During a NY-GEO webinar in August 2021, NYSERDA provided overview of how the Round 1 winning projects will explore clean energy options at 600 buildings to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution with two-thirds of funding being directed to projects that focus on disadvantaged communities. View the webinar recording and Q&A Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page..

Category D: Market Potential Studies and Best Practices Guidebooks

PON 4614 Budget is $22.5 Million





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