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Careers in Weatherization

Energize your future with a career in Weatherization

Did you know? New York State has a goal of 2 Million Climate Friendly Homes by 2030, a key housing milestone to reach the CLCPA’s green-house gas emission reduction targets. Did you know you can get paid to learn how to weatherize those homes and buildings and start a rewarding, well-paying career.

But what exactly is weatherization?

It’s common for homes and buildings to have temperature and comfort problems. It might be a drafty window, bad air quality, or any number of issues.

Weatherization uses techniques like air sealing and insulation to fix those issues. It also helps people save energy and money because it works to keep the warm air in during the winter and keep the cool air in during the summer. It’s sort of like how a thermos keeps your drink warm for longer than a paper cup does.

That makes weatherization an increasingly popular choice for New Yorkers. It also makes a career in weatherization a really smart path for job seekers who want to set themselves up for a rewarding, stable, and successful future—and even if you don’t know much about weatherization now, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn!

Why Work in Weatherization?

Key Career Opportunities in Weatherization

1. Energy Efficiency Sales Representative

Energy Efficiency Sales Representatives get to know their customers and help them save energy, making this a great job for those who enjoy talking with others and giving excellent customer service. Sales Representatives often work in an office and conduct remote energy assessments to help people solve their comfort and energy problems. If you have strong organizational skills and love working with people, this is a great job for you.

2. Insulation & Air Sealing Technician

The main job of an Insulation & Air Sealing Technician is to physically install products like insulation and provide weatherization services like air sealing. That usually means learning how to use “building science” techniques to make homes and buildings as comfortable and energy efficient as possible. This is a great job for people who don’t mind doing manual labor and enjoy working alone or in small teams. 

3. Building Maintenance Worker

Building Maintenance Workers help buildings run as efficiently as possible. A Building Maintenance Worker’s role may vary based on the building, but they are generally responsible for minor repairs, routine maintenance, and helping out when new equipment upgrades are needed. This is a great job for people who don’t mind doing manual labor and love having a lot of variety in their work.

An Inclusive Career

For the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy to work, we need to make sure that everyone gets a seat at the table. That includes clean energy career opportunities like weatherization.

New York State works hard to meet the needs of all New Yorkers. Specialized services, programs, and specially trained staff Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. are available to assist job seekers.

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