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NYSERDA Board Members

Richard L. Kauffman, Chair

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Justin E. Driscoll

Arturo Garcia-Costas

Jay L. Koh

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Frances A. Resheske

Basil Seggos

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Doreen M. Harris (Bio)

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Clean Energy Fund

Clean Energy Fund Investment Plans - Archive

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Notice of Auction

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RGGI Meeting and Planning Documents

21 NYCRR Part 507

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New York Receives Significant Federal Assistance to Reduce Energy Costs for New Yorkers

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Energy Analysis Reports & Studies

Energy Analysis Reports and Studies

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Archive: Weekly Transportation Fuels Report

Biomass Reports

Renewable Fuels Roadmap

Biomass Reports Archive

Clean Power Innovation Reports

Clean Power Innovation Reports Archive

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Potential Studies

Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Reports

Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Reports Archive

New York Power Grid Study

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Energy Efficiency Services Reports

Energy Efficiency Services Reports Archive

Energy Forecasts

Energy Statistics and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Environmental Research and Development Technical Reports

Responding to Climate Change in New York State

Environmental Research and Development Technical Reports Archive

Natural Gas Enviromental Impact

Great Lakes Wind Energy Feasibility Study

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Studies

Natural Gas Studies

New York State Energy Emergency Plan

Other Technical Reports

Other Technical Reports Archive

Consolidated Edison Gas Efficiency Program

R&D Technical Reports Energy Audit Reports

Environmental Technology Verification Reports

European Wood-Heating Technology Survey

Solar Reports

Solar Reports Archive

Wastewater Hard Copy Reports

Patterns and Trends - New York State Energy Profile

Patterns and Trends Dashboard Glossary

Petroleum Infrastructure Studies

Regional Utility Company Information

Clean Transportation Reports and Guides

Clean Transportation Reports and Guides Archive

Water and Wastewater Technical Reports

Optimization of UV Disinfection

Weather Data

Heating Degree Day Information

Monthly Cooling and Heating Degree Day Data

Weekly Energy and Fuels Markets Reports

Weekly Heating Fuels Dashboard

Weekly Transportation Fuels Dashboard

Wind Reports

Wind Reports Archive

Evaluation Reports

Building Innovations

Clean Heating & Cooling

Codes, Products & Other Multisector Initiatives

Commercial, Industrial & Agriculture


Environmental Research

Evaluation Reports Archive

GJGNY Evaluation Reports

Innovation & Research

Low- to Moderate-Income

New York State Low- to Moderate-Income Census Population Analysis Tool

Market Characterization


NY Green Bank Evaluation Reports

Renewables/Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

Single Family

Technology to Market


Workforce Development

Building Stock and Potential Studies

Assessment of Energy Efficiency and Electrification Potential

Commercial Statewide Baseline Study of New York State

Residential Statewide Baseline Study of New York State

Assessment of Energy Efficiency Potential in New York State Multifamily Buildings

Residential Building Stock Assessment

Multifamily Statewide Baseline Study

New Efficiency: New York

New York Clean Energy Industry Report

NYSERDA Annual Reports and Financial Statements

NYSERDA-Related Reports

Offshore Wind Plans for New York State

Program and Initiative Case Studies

55 Water Street

Bright Power

Buildings of Excellence: 425 Grand Concourse

Buildings of Excellence St Marks Passive House

Buildings of Excellence: Village Grove


Farruggia Case Study

Fresenius Kabi

Hollingsworth & Vose Co.

IBM Yorktown Heights

International Tailoring Company Building Case Study

Jaros, Baum & Bolles (JB&B) Consulting Engineers, LLP

Metro IAF

Savanna Fund

Steven Winter Associates

SUNY Ulster Clean Tech Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program

Sustainable Finger Lakes

Program and Initiative Fact Sheets

Program Planning and Status Reports

Program Planning and Status Reports Archive

Clean Energy Fund Reports

EEPS and other Status Reports

Energy Infrastructure Reports

GJGNY Advisory Council Reports

GJGNY Advisory Council Archives

Integrated Energy Data Resource Program Quarterly Reports

NY-Sun Performance Reports

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Reports

System Benefits Charge Documents

New York Solar Study

Strategic Outlook

Research and Technical Reports

Energy Analysis Reports and Studies Archive

Clean Heating & Cooling Reports

Research Reports

Statewide Initiatives

West Valley Documents and Reports

Appendices for the Radiological Survey and Dose Assessment Report for the WNYNSC and Off-Site Areas

Saratoga Technology + Energy Park (STEP<sup>®</sup>)

Available Space for Prospective Tenants

107 Hermes Road

20 Tech Trail

Contact and Directions


Tracking Progress

Clean Energy Dashboard Introduction

Clean Energy Dashboard

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Program Inventory


All Programs

Advanced Buildings Program

Agriculture Energy Audit Program

Energy Best Practices for Agriculture

Clean Green Hospitals

State Energy Financing Fund

Become a NYSERDA Qualified Contractor

Commercial Real Time Energy Management

Multifamily Building Solutions Network

Frequently Asked Questions

Clean Heating and Cooling

High-Efficiency, Low-Emissions Biomass and Hydronics Training

Residential Appliance Vendor

Residential Energy Efficiency

Become a Contractor

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Energy Audit Resources for Contractors and Energy Auditors

Residential Financing

Resources for Participating Contractors

HERS Training Providers

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Build-Ready Program

Workforce Training - Building Operations & Maintenance

Carbon Neutral Buildings Roadmap


Carbon Neutral Buildings

Channel Partners

Programs & Services

Research & Resources

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Carbon Neutral Community Economic Development Program

Charge NY Program

Drive Electric

Sell Electric

Charge Electric

Charging Station Info for Drivers

Charging Station Programs

NEVI Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Charge Ready NY 2.0

Installing a Charging Station

Eligible Charging Equipment and Networks

For Charging Equipment and Network Vendors

Program Resources

Charging at Multifamily Properties

Best Practice Guides and Cases

Charging Station Host Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Support Electric

Electric Vehicle (EV) and EV Charging Station Data

Planners and Municipalities

Electric Vehicle Registration Map

Charging Station Installers and Inspectors


Cleaner Cities Coalition

C&I Accelerated Efficiency

C&I Carbon Challenge

Climate Act

Clean Energy Communities Program

How it Works

Success Stories

High Impact Action Items

High Impact Action Items Worth 200 to 500 Points

High Impact Action Items Worth 600 to 2000 Points

High Impact Action Toolkits

Benchmarking Toolkit

Clean Energy Upgrades Toolkit

Clean Fleets Toolkits

Clean Heating and Cooling Demo Toolkit

Climate Smart Communities Certification Toolkit

Community Campaigns Toolkit

Community Choice Aggregation Toolkit

Energy Code Enforcement Training Toolkit

LED Streetlights Toolkit

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing

100% Renewables for Municipal Operations Toolkit

Unified Solar Permit Toolkit

County-Hosted Trainings Toolkit

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Remaining Grants

Clean Energy Communities Map

Find a Clean Energy Communities Coordinator

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Clean Energy Internship Program

Prospective Interns

Clean Energy Businesses

Clean Energy Internship Program Details

Clean Energy Siting Resources

Comprehensive Plan Guide

Energy Storage Guidebook

Energy Storage Trainings for Local Governments

EV Charging Station Permitting Resources

Siting for Large-Scale Renewables

Article 10

Office of Renewable Energy Siting

Solar Guidebook

Technical Assistance and Workshops

Transitioning Underused Spaces

Wind Energy Guidebook

Clean Energy Siting Email List

Clean Energy Standard

Large-Scale Renewables for Renewable Generators and Developers

Tier 1 – New Renewables



Solicitations for Large-Scale Renewables

2021 Solicitation

2020 Solicitation

2019 Solicitation

2018 Solicitation

2017 Solicitation

Index REC Conversion

Incremental Economic Benefits Reporting


Tier 2 – Maintenance Resources

Tier 2 – Competitive Program

Tier 4 – New York City Renewable Energy

About Tier 4

Solicitation and Award

RFP, Appendices and Schedule

Large-Scale Renewables Email List

Renewable Generators and Developers Email List

LSE Obligations


2017 Compliance Year

2018 Compliance Year

2019 Compliance Year

2020 Compliance Year

2021 Compliance Year

2022 Compliance Year

2023 Compliance Year

FAQs for Load Serving Entities

Landowners and Local Governments

Build-Ready Program

Solar Canopies for Parking Lots

Project Sites

BR Benson Mines

BR Caswell Road Solar

Market Advisory Group

Connect With Market Advisory Group

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Filings, Orders, and Reports

Before the CES Order


Open NY Data

Great Lakes Wind Energy Feasibility Study

Integrated Energy Data Resource

Renewable Portfolio Standard

Past Main Tier Solicitations Under the RPS

RPS Reference Documents

Clean Energy Training Services

Clean Energy Workforce Development and Training

Clean Energy Careers

Clean Energy Training Resources

For Building Owners and Property Managers

For Businesses

Expand Your Clean Energy Offerings

Funding for Contractors & Installers

Hiring Disadvantaged Community Populations

For Job Seekers and Students

Clean Energy Apprenticeships

Degrees & Certifications

Roadtrip Nation

For Training Providers and Community Partners

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New York State Offshore Wind Training Institute - Workforce Training and Skills Development


Training Provider Resources

Directory of Free Online Clean Energy Training

Clean Energy Career Maps

Participating Employers

Labor Market Data and Reports

Partner Connector


Example Training Projects

Pay for Success Clean Energy Training

Clean Green Campuses


Membership Information

Clean Green Campuses Members List

Member Spotlights

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Program Opportunities

Energy to Lead Competition

2020 - Closed

2017 - Closed

2016 - Closed



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Clean Heating and Cooling Communities

Clean & Resilient Building Codes

All Energy Code Training

All Codes Resources

Pathway for Municipalities & Code Officials

Pathway for Design & Construction Professionals

Pathway for Community Stakeholders & Residents

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State Energy Code: Training and Resources

State Energy Code Training Directory

CEC Leadership Round - Energy Code Enforcement Training

Code Hotline

Third Party Support Resources

NYSERDA Qualified Third-Party Support Providers


Contractor Teaming and Partnerships

NYStretch Energy Code: 2020 Outreach, Training and Resources

NYStretch Adoption Resources

NYStretch Training Directory

Code Hotline

Clean Transportation Program

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Climate Justice Fellowship

Comfort Home Program

Comfort Home Contractors by County

Become a Participating Comfort Home Contractor

Targeted Markets

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing Resources

Community Heat Pump Systems

Community Heat Pumps Pilot Program

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Understand the Potential

Get Support for Your Project

Access Services and Funding

Community Heat Pump Systems Projects

Drive Clean Rebate for Electric Cars Program

How the Rebate Works

Eligible Models

Participating Dealers

Consumer FAQ

About Electric Cars

What Makes Electric Cars Different

Electric Vehicle Calculator

Charging Options

Electric Vehicle Station Locator

For Car Dealers

Dealer Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Drive Clean Rebate Data

Drive Clean Rebate Primary Statistics

Drive Clean Rebate Location Statistics

About Charge NY

Economic Development

Electric School Buses

Electric School Bus (ESB) Roadmap

Electric School Bus (ESB) Guidebook

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Empire Building Challenge

Join the Challenge

Empire Building Challenge Projects

Empire Building Challenge Project Map

Empire Building Challenge Partners

Building Decarbonization Insights

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Renters and 2-4 Family Households

What to Expect

Eligibility Guidelines


EmPower+ Application

Energy & Climate Equity Strategy

Cecil Corbin-Mark Environmental Justice Fellowship

Climate Justice

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Energy Efficiency and Clean Technology Training

Energy Storage Program


Incentives for Long Island Residents

Frequently Asked Questions


Demand Response Programs

Types of Energy Storage

Local Governments

Developers & Contractors

Bulk Storage Incentives

Retail Storage Incentives

Incentive Dashboard

Utility Procurement

Technical Assistance


Storage Data Maps

Statewide Energy Storage Projects

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Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Program

Environmental Research Program

Air Quality

Acid and Mercury Deposition

Acid Deposition and Its Effect on the Environment

Mercury, Human Health, and the Environment

Climate Change

Crosscutting Environmental Research

Environmental Research Planning

Environmental Research Updates

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Extreme Heat Action Plan

Flexible Technical Assistance Program

Become a FlexTech Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

FlexTech Documents and Resources

Indoor Air Quality

Preliminary Reports

Final Reports

Conclusion Reports

Green Jobs – Green New York

Advisory Council

Advisory Council Charter

Advisory Council Meetings

Data and Trends

Grid Modernization Program

New York State Smart Grid Consortium

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Heat Pump Program

Home Energy Efficiency Programs

Home Performance with Energy Star


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Industrial Programs

Inflation Reduction Act

Inflation Reduction Act: Businesses

Inflation Reduction Act: Homeowners

Inflation Reduction Act: Renters

Inflation Reduction Act: Vehicles


Innovate in New York


Investor Advisory Board

Climate Tech Innovators

Funding Opportunities

R&D Partnerships

Research Project Updates

Focus Areas

Advanced Buildings

Clean Transportation

Climate Resilience Initiative

Energy Storage

Grid Modernization

Tech to Market


Hydrogen and Clean Fuels

Offshore Wind

Meet the Innovation Team

Impact Stories

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Innovative Market Strategies Program

Integrated Energy Data Resource Program

About IEDR

Program Participants

Program Milestones

Use Case Development

IEDR Resources

Get Involved

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Just Transition Site Reuse Planning Program

Large-Scale Renewables

Loan Loss Reserve Program

Low-Income Forum on Energy (LIFE)

LIFE Steering Committee

LIFE Events Archive

2019 Regional Meetings

2018 LIFE Statewide Conference

2017 Regional Meetings

2016 LIFE Statewide Conference

2015 Regional Meetings

2014 LIFE Statewide Conference

LIFE Webinar Series

LIFE Newsletter

LIFE Achievement Awards

LIFE Links

LIFE Resources

LIFE Email List

Multifamily Building Programs

Integrated Physical Needs Assessment

Submetering for Multifamily Buildings

Planning Ahead for Local Law 97

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Multifamily Buildings Low-Carbon Capital Planning Support

Multifamily Buildings Low-Carbon Pathways Program

How NYS Is Helping Building Owners Go Electric

Documents & Resources for Providers

Buildings of Excellence Competition



Program Partners



Early Stage Design Partners

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Multifamily Financing Programs

New Construction – Housing

Featured Projects

NetZero Village

Greenhill Contracting

Further, Inc.

Natale Builders

Historic Gut Rehab

Net Zero Energy Housing


Building Better Homes - Emissions Free and Healthier Communities

Gut Rehabilitation

Passive House Email List

New York Clean Transportation Prizes

Eligible Project Locations

New York State Appliance and Equipment Efficiency Standards

Regulatory Process


Public Comments

Current Standards



Frequently Asked Questions


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New York State Appliance and Equipment Efficiency Standards Email

New York State Strategic Fuel Reserve

NY Green Bank

Solar Program (NY-Sun)

Solar for Your Home

How to Go Solar

Find a Contractor

Residential & Small Commercial Solar Contractors

Solar Options

Reading Your Electricity Bill

Paying for Solar

Incentives & Financing

Tax Credit

Frequently Asked Questions

Community Solar

How it Works

Choosing a Community Solar Project

Find a Community Solar Project

Solar for All


Current Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar for All Resources

Solar for Your Business

Go Solar

Find a Contractor

Commercial & Industrial Solar Contractors

Solar Options

Leasing Your Land

Financial Support

Incentives and Financing

Tax Credit

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar for Multifamily Buildings

Community Solar

Find a Community Solar Project

Before You Get Started

Communities & Local Governments

Guidebook for Local Governments

Technical Assistance & Support

Solarize Your Community

Solarize Campaign Map

Affordable Solar and Storage Predevelopment and Technical Assistance

Predevelopment and Technical Assistance FAQs


Dashboards and Incentives

Con Edison Dashboard

Long Island Dashboard

Upstate Dashboard

Community Adder

Inclusive Community Solar Adder

Resources for Contractors


Solarize for Contractors

Community Solar for Contractors

The Value Stack

Solar Value Stack Calculator


Frequently Asked Questions

Become a Participating Contractor

Doing Solar Business in New York

Solar Data Maps

Statewide Distributed Solar Projects

NYSERDA-Supported Solar Projects

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NY-Sun Email List

Solar Capacity

New York Generation Attribute Tracking System (NYGATS)

NYGATS Registration Documents

How to Use NYGATS

NYGATS Contacts

Join NYGATS Email List

Renewable Energy Credits Policy for NYSERDA-Funded Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Offshore Wind

About Offshore Wind

NYSERDA's Offshore Wind Program

Offshore Wind 101

Master Plan

Focus Areas

Climate Change and Offshore Wind

Connecting With New Yorkers

Offshore Wind Youth Action Program

Technical Working Groups

Webinar Series

Understanding Impacts and Benefits

Leading a Regional Industry

Siting Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind Projects

Protecting the Dynamic Ocean

Ongoing Environmental Research

Offshore Wind Solicitations

2018 Solicitation

Map Library

2020 Solicitation

2022 Solicitation

Regulatory Resources

Permitting Requirements for Offshore Wind

Research and Development

Supply Chain and Economic Development

Workforce Development

Supply Chain Database

Port Infrastructure

Transmission and New York’s Electricity Grid

Resource Library

Announcements and Events

Contact Staff

Connect with Us

On-site Energy Manager Program


Success Stories

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On-the-Job Training Program

P-12 Schools Initiative

P-12 Schools: Green and Clean Energy Solutions

Green and Clean Energy Solutions Resources

P-12 Clean Green Schools Initiative

Documents and Resources



Solar Lessons for Students

Connect with Us


Predevelopment Lending Program

Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) Program

Programs Overview

RTEM Tenant

RTEM Small Business

RTEM Multifamily


Vendor Tools

RTEM Knowledge Center

Information Requests

RTEM Database

Success Stories

Project Dashboard

Let's Connect

RTEMs Condo and Co-op Energy Checkup

Regional Clean Energy Hubs Program

Find Your Clean Energy Hub Today

Residential and Property Owner Income-Eligible Programs

Low- to Moderate-Income Stakeholder Resources New Efficiency: New York

New York State Affordable Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program

Residential Energy Assessment Programs

How the Residential Energy Assessment Program Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Financing Programs

Home Energy Efficiency Financing

Residential Interest Rates

Residential Interest Rate Estimator

Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

RetrofitNY Program

What is RetrofitNY


For Building Owners and Developers

For Solution Providers

For Lenders and Regulators

Getting Involved

Building Owners & Developers

Component Manufacturers

Lenders and Regulators

Solution Providers

See Who's Qualified

RetrofitNY Pledge

Current Signatories

Timeline and Updates


Contact Us

All RetrofitNY Articles

Building Owners Will Shape Our Clean Energy Future

The Next Stop on New York’s Road to Carbon Neutral Buildings Starts with Building Owners

New Carbon Neutral Opportunity Now Available: Requests for Qualifications

Reports Highlight Findings on Effective Retrofit

Now Available: New Funding for Carbon Neutral Retrofits

RetrofitNY In Action: RiseBoro's Casa Pasiva Project

How RetrofitNY Has Evolved

Industry Preps for Net-Zero Future

New York’s Net-Zero Pioneers

On the Path to Net-Zero

Global Retrofit Innovations Come to New York

REV Connect Online Platform

Scale for ClimateTech

Small Business Financing Program

Information for Borrowers

On-Bill Recovery Loan

Frequently Asked Questions

Participation Loan

Find a Participating Lender

Information for Lenders

Lenders – How to make a loan


Become a Participating Lender

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Definitions

Small Commercial and Not-for-Profits Green Jobs - Green New York Energy Studies

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Strategic Energy Management Program

Success Stories

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SUNY Concierge

New York Truck Voucher Incentive Program

How the Program Works

Funding Amounts

Funding Sources

Eligible Vehicles

Program Resources

For Vehicle Fleets

Scrappage Requirements

Fleet Resources

Vehicle Usage Reporting Requirements

For Vehicle Manufacturers

Manufacturer Training Materials

For Vehicle Dealers

Voucher Application and Redemption

Contractor Training Materials


Frequently Asked Questions

Related Programs

Contact NYTVIP

West Valley Site Management Program

Consent Decree

Deer Hunting Program

Fuel Reprocessing History

State-Licensed Disposal Area

West Valley Demonstration Project


Real Property Tax Law (RPTL) § 487

Freedom of Information Law


Find a Contractor

Commercial Tenant Consultants

Energy Storage Contractors

FlexTech Consultants

Energy Efficiency Program Lenders

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Contractor and/or Accredited Companies

Home Energy Rating System Provider

Multifamily Building Solutions Network

Primary Energy Consultants - New Construction

Primary Energy Consultants - New Construction UAT

Residential Contractor

Residential Emerging Technology - Interested Demonstration Partners

Residential Loan Fund Contractors

Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) Vendors

Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) + Tenant Vendors

Events Calendar


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Residential Market Advisory Group

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Combined Heat and Power Systems

Energy Prices and Weather Data

Motor Gasoline Prices

Weekly Average Motor Gasoline Prices

Monthly Average Motor Gasoline Prices

On Highway Diesel Prices

Weekly On-Highway Diesel Prices

Monthly On-Highway Diesel Prices

Home Heating Oil Prices

Average Home Heating Oil Prices

Monthly Average Home Heating Oil Prices

Kerosene Prices

Average Kerosene Prices

Monthly Average Kerosene Prices

Propane Prices

Average Propane Prices

Monthly Average Propane Prices

Additional Petroleum Prices

Electricity Prices

Monthly Average Retail Price of Electricity - Commercial

Monthly Average Retail Price of Electricity - Industrial

Monthly Average Retail Price of Electricity - Residential

Natural Gas Prices

Monthly Average Price of Natural Gas - Commercial

Monthly Average Price of Natural Gas - Industrial

Monthly Average Price of Natural Gas - Residential

Annual Prices

Wood Pellet Monthly Price Survey

Radioactive Waste Policy and Nuclear Coordination

Low-Level Radioactive Waste Annual Report Forms

Low-Level Radioactive Waste Annual Report FAQ

Transportation Technology

E-Mobility Technologies and Funding

Resources for Community Organizations

Funding for Cleantech Startups

Featured Stories

How to Participate in Climate Week NYC 2023

Discover Clean Energy Careers With Roadtrip Nation

How New York is Preparing for an EV Future

NYS Guide to Inflation Reduction Act Savings

NYSERDA Exhibits at the New York State Fair

Protecting New Yorkers from Extreme Heat

Towns Advancing Clean Energy and Efficiency

Top 5 Reasons Drivers Are Choosing EVs

Counties Leading the Charge on Clean Energy

U.S. Heat Pump Sales Surpassed Gas Furnaces in 2022

Funding Opportunities

Current Funding Opportunities

Closed Funding Opportunities

2023 Closed Opportunities

2021 Closed Opportunities

2021 Closed Opportunities

2020 Closed Opportunities

2019 Closed Opportunities

2018 Closed Opportunities

2017 Closed Opportunities

2015 Closed Opportunities

2014 Closed Opportunities

Consolidated Funding Application

Metric Guides

Standard Forms and Agreements

Contracts and Solicitations

Funding Opportunity FAQs

Funding Opportunity Email List

Transition to a Low-Carbon Future

Inclusive Clean Energy Economy

Healthy and Resilient Communities

Clean Energy Jobs

Clean Energy Economy

Energy Efficiency & Building Decarbonization

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

Renewable Energy

Resilient Energy Systems

Put Energy to Work

About Energy Management

Build Your Energy Strategy

Success Stories

Energy Technology & Solutions

Energy Efficiency Solutions

HVAC Systems

Energy Assessments and Benchmarking

Indoor Air Quality

Seal and Insulate Your Building

Lighting & Controls

Motors & Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Financing for Buildings & Businesses

Strategic Energy Management

Corporate Commitment & Dedicated Energy Teams

Performance Assessment

Energy Action Plan

Employee Engagement

Performance Evaluation

Building Envelope

Renewables and Clean Technologies

Green Power Procurement

Clean Heating and Cooling


Combined Heat &amp; Power

Energy Storage

Electric Vehicles & Charging Stations

Building Operations & Performance

Retro Commissioning

Operations & Maintenance Training

Real Time Energy Management

Intelligent Demand Management & Response

Workforce Development &amp; Training

Workforce Staffing

Operations & Maintenance Training

Future Workforce

Industry Energy Solutions




Campuses & Multi-Building Properties

Commercial & Mixed-Use Buildings


High-Rise Buildings

Industrial Manufacturing


New Construction & Development

Retail and Office


The Great Energy Disconnect

What is the Great Energy Disconnect

Explanations for the Great Disconnect

Rise of the Hybrid Workplace

Strategies to Maximize Whole-Building Energy Savings

Success Stories

Small Business

Technology Centers

Energy Programs & Incentives

Building Operations & Performance Programs & Incentives

Clean Transportation Programs & Incentives

Consulting and Engineering Services

Heating, Cooling, & Ventilation Programs & Incentives

Industrial and Special Equipment Programs and Incentives

Lighting and Controls Programs and Incentives

New Construction and Renovations Programs and Incentives

Renewable Technology Programs and Incentives

Workforce Staffing and Training Programs

Contact Us

Connect with Us

Residents & Homeowners

Cooking at Home


Induction Cooking 101

Switching to Induction

Improving Air Quality

Inflation Reduction Act

Single Family Residential Programs

Save Energy at Home

Home Energy Audits

Home Selling

Home Selling Questions & Answers

Home Buying

Building Your New Home

Home Buying Questions & Answers

Home Renovations and Upgrades

Home Renovations and Upgrades Questions & Answers

Home Equipment Replacements

Home Equipment Replacements Questions & Answers

Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations

Energy Saving Tips

Tips & Resources for Income-Eligible Households

Save Energy in Your Apartment

Choosing An Apartment Or Condo

Offers to Discuss With Landlords or Co-ops

Renter & Condo Owner Energy-Saving Tips

Reduce Your Footprint

Use Efficient Appliances and Lighting

Major Appliances

Pool Pumps



Home Office Equipment


Energy-Efficient Lighting

Electronics and Appliances

Use Solar & Energy Storage at Home

Heat & Cool Your Home


Heating & Cooling Systems

Water Heaters

Tips for Heat Pump Owners

Heat Pump Best Practices Email List

Seal and Insulate Your Home

Find Contractors & Incentives

Home Energy Performance Programs

Find a Contractor & Tips for Contractor Selection



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