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Solar & Energy Storage

New Yorkers across the State are harnessing the power of the sun.

Solar panels mounted on the roof of a house with brown shingles.

There has never been a better time to start powering your home with renewable energy from the sun. Discover ways to generate your own clean energy and store backup power for the days you need it most.

How You’ll Benefit

  • Save money through reduced electric bills
  • Access tax credits through federal, State, and local entities
  • Stabilize your energy costs during periods of electric rate changes
  • Contribute to a cleaner and healthier community by reducing your carbon footprint
  • Feel peace of mind when you add energy storage to your solar system

Solar & Energy Storage for New Yorkers

1. Onsite Solar

Installing solar energy at your home is an investment in a cleaner, plentiful energy supply, and accessing rebates and tax incentives make installation more affordable. Most often, solar panels are installed on the roof of a home or garage, though there are also options to have them mounted to the ground. The clean energy generated from onsite solar can be used directly in your home or fed back into the grid when excess energy is produced, unlocking the greatest potential for savings on your electric bill. Installing solar panels on your property can also increase the value of your home.

Learn more about onsite solar

2. Community Solar

Renters, co-op members, condo owners, and anyone who cannot (or simply does not want to) install solar panels can save money by switching to clean energy produced by a community solar project. By subscribing to a community solar project, you’ll receive credits every month on your electric bill for the energy generated by your portion of the solar array. Subscriptions are short-term commitments and typically have no upfront costs.

Learn more about community solar

3. Energy Storage

Energy storage systems allow you to store excess electricity produced by your solar panels for future use. These renewably charged backup batteries for your home can increase your comfort and safety during power outages and further reduce the cost of your electric bill. The declining cost of residential storage systems and IRA tax credits make energy storage more affordable, especially when combined with solar.

Learn more about energy storage

You Might Also Be Interested In

Consider maximizing your savings from going solar with additional clean energy systems and energy-efficiency investments, including:

  • Air Sealing and Insulation: Improve your home energy efficiency and air quality by sealing air leaks, upgrading insulation, and installing high-performance windows with incentives through NYSERDA’s Comfort Home program. It’s recommended to seal and insulate first, before investing in new heating and cooling equipment.
  • Clean Heating and Cooling Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.: Pair your solar panels with a cold-climate heat pump to use the renewable electricity being generated to power clean and efficient heating and cooling throughout your home.
  • Electric Vehicles & Charging Stations: Make your clean energy go the distance when you pair solar power with an electric vehicle and home charging system.

For a full list of residential programs, visit our energy programs and incentives page.

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