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A father helping young son plug in an electric vehicle with the trunk opened in a parking lot.

Electric Vehicles & Charging

More and more New Yorkers are driving electric.

There has never been a better time to buy an electric vehicle (EV) in New York State. Discover how rebates, tax incentives, and conveniently located charging stations can help you get from point-A to point-B by driving an EV.

How You Benefit

EVs & Charging Stations for New Yorkers

1. Buying Electric Vehicles 

Driving an EV means fewer maintenance costs than gas-powered vehicles and benefits from insurance discounts while significantly reducing your carbon footprint. Switching to an EV has never been more affordable: New Yorkers can save up to $9,500 on an EV purchase or lease through New York’s Drive Clean rebate and the Federal IRA tax credit. 

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2. Charging Your EV at Home

Most EV drivers primarily charge at home for convenience and reduced cost. To charge at home, EV owners can simply plug their cars into a standard 120-volt outlet or install a faster Level 2 (240-volt) charging station.

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3. Charging Your EV On the Road

With improved battery technology and widely available charging stations across the Northeast, your EV can take you anywhere you need to go. Federal and State programs are rapidly expanding New York’s network of public charging stations, with an emphasis on fast chargers that can recharge your vehicle in as little as 20 minutes. Charge your EV while you eat at your favorite restaurant, while you work from your office, or while you shop for groceries — then get back on the road and drive clean.

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