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Information for Lenders


What is Small Commercial Energy Efficiency Financing?

NYSERDA works statewide to offer low-cost energy efficiency financing to help small businesses, multifamily building owners, and not-for-profits access the capital they need to make energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements in their buildings. Below you will find information about how to work with NYSERDA to offer the low-interest Participation Loan to your small business and not-for-profit customers.

How it Works

Become a Participating Lender Lenders partner with NYSERDA on an energy efficiency loan. NYSERDA finances 50% of the loan principal, up to $50,000 at its interest rate, and the lender finances the remaining loan principle at market rate.

Loan Amount

Lenders can offer energy efficiency loans of up to $100,000 or more.

Interest Rate

NYSERDA’s share of the loan is financed at the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate of Interest +2%, fixed at closing for the term of the loan. The lender determines the interest rate it will charge for its share of the loan based on the lender’s underwriting criteria.

Borrower’s can expect to obtain financing at a reduced interest rate by participating in the program.


Determined by lender.

Loan Term

Determined by the lender, but not to exceed 10 years.


Borrower will sign loan agreements provided by the lender.

Lending Criteria

Lenders will issue loans to borrowers based on the lender’s standard underwriting criteria.

Borrower Eligibility

Borrowers with NYSERDA-approved Request for Financing Packages or eligibility letters for renewable energy systems are eligible to apply for financing.

The lender will decide whether or not to issue a loan to the borrower based on the lender’s standard underwriting criteria.

Repayment Terms

  • The borrower will make loan payments to the lender pursuant to the loan terms.
  • The lender’s loan document will identify any security required for the loan, any requirements for satisfaction of the loan upon sale or transfer of the property, and the lender’s remedies for nonpayment of the loan payments.
  • NYSERDA’s Loan Servicer will provide the lender with instructions for repaying NYSERDA’s pro rata share of the loan.