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Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc.


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Pursuing a Greener Tomorrow with On-site Energy Manager

Overview: The Paper Mills

Mohawk Fine Papers Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specialty paper products. It is a family-owned business that has operated in New York State since its inception in 1931. The company owns and operates a 272,000 square foot paper manufacturing facility in Cohoes, and a 365,000 square foot facility in nearby Waterford. The facilities share resources and operate as a common campus.

The manufacturing plants have equipment that includes pulpers, stock pumps, stock chests, additive mixing tanks, refiners, pumping systems, paper machines, and converting/packaging equipment.

Paper-making process support systems and equipment include vacuum pumps, compressed air, steam boilers, exhaust fans, makeup air units, raw water filtration, and waste-water treatment. There is also raw material storage.

Project at a Glance

Company Name: Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc.

Industry: Paper Manufacturing

Location: Albany County

Size: 637,000 sq ft Total

Check out the Engagement Road Map [PDF]

Recommitted to Energy Management

Mohawk Fine Papers has a history of implementing energy efficiency projects. It has participated in efficiency programs lead by NYSERDA, National Grid, and New York Power Authority (NYPA).

However, dwindling resources and less time and attention paid to its internal energy initiatives, has resulted in a declining focus on energy saving. The Covid-19 pandemic further negatively impacted operational efficiency and staffing.

The NYSERDA On-site Energy Manager (OsEM) program was seen as a way to re-establish a commitment to energy efficiency. So, in January 2022, Mohawk began a two-year engagement with KO Technical Services with a few goals in mind:

During the two-year OsEM engagement, Mohawk established Energy Saving Targets for the combined New York mills of 5% for electricity and 5% for fossil fuels, from pre-Covid baselines.

Two-Year Engagement Results

A dandy roll, which is a watermarking device used in machine papermaking.

The engagement produced significant benefits for Mohawk, including 41 total Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) identified:

Identified projects have 5.5% savings over electric pre-COVID baseline and 10% over natural gas pre-COVID baseline, exceeding the goals when implemented. Additionally, significant National Grid Custom Project energy incentives were secured during the engagement. They enabled Mohawk to proceed with implementing energy saving projects.

Sustainability & Continuous Improvement

Mohawk established continuous improvement practices, too. They included:

Looking Ahead

In recognition of the benefits of OsEM engagement, Mohawk Fine Papers is developing an internal Energy Manager position to further its energy saving initiatives.

Want to identify areas for improvement, increase your buildings energy efficiency, and lower operating costs?

Visit NYSERDA’s On-site Energy Manager program page or contact us at [email protected].