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Inclusive Community Solar Adder


The Inclusive Community Solar Adder (ICSA) is available for CDG solar projects serving low-to-moderate income (LMI) subscribers, affordable housing, and other facilities serving disadvantaged communities (DACs). The goal of the ICSA is to increase access to community solar and resulting electric bill savings for LMI households and to reduce operating costs for affordable housing and nonprofit entities serving DACs.

Project Eligibility

To be eligible for the ICSA, projects must:

  • Be metered as CDG;
  • Meet the requirements of the NY-Sun Commercial/Industrial or NY-Sun Nonresidential incentive program;
  • Be in “Approved” status or entered “Completed” status after March 25, 2021 but before July 20, 2021; and
  • Dedicate no less than 20% of project capacity (Wdc) to eligible residential subscribers

Projects located in the PSEG-Long Island territory are not eligible for the ICSA.

Eligible projects may receive the ICSA in addition to any NY-Sun incentive or adders for which they are eligible, with the exception of the Multifamily Affordable Housing Adder.

Available Funding and Incentive Levels

The ICSA funding that a project may claim is determined by the capacity allocated to eligible subscribers with different incentive rates for different types of projects.

Applications received through August 31st will be reviewed and queued for funding (see Program Manual for more details). After August 31st, this page will be updated to include a dynamic dashboard that shows the remaining incentive availability.

The adder rates and initial capacity blocks detailed in the table below apply only to the capacity allocated to eligible subscribers.

Project Type Adder $/Watt Initial Adder Capacity Block (MW)
Upstate CDG projects that receive either:
  • Phase One NEM,
  • the Market Transition Credit,
  • or Community Credit
$0.05 150
Upstate CDG projects that receive the Community Adder $0.10 150
Upstate CDG projects that have not received Phase One NEM, MTC, CC, or the Community Adder $0.20 100
Con Edison CDG Projects $0.10 100

Environmental Justice Incentive

A higher added incentive level of $0.20/W total is available for Con Edison projects that are located in, benefit, and are developed in partnership with environmental justice (EJ) communities burdened by electric power generating facilities. Please see the Program Manual for more details.

All additional information on the Inclusive Community Solar Adder, including how to apply, can be found in the Resources for Contractors section of the website under the following accordions:

  • Program Manual
  • Inclusive Community Solar Adder Resources

For more information, please contact communitysolar@nyserda.ny.gov.