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Focus Area: Grid Modernization

Innovation@NYSERDA activates a mission-critical ecosystem of pooled resources to drive climate tech and clean energy startups, early-stage developers, and major industry innovators, enabling transformative technologies on the path to net zero.

Grid Modernization program focuses on four specific areas: high performing grid, future proofing the grid, grid flexibility, and grid resilience. These approaches foster collaborative, multifunctional teams and partnerships with the New York State utilities while directly advancing electric-grid evolution. NYSERDA works with innovators on solutions that will deliver the performance needed to achieve New York State’s Climate Act goals for a 70% renewable grid in 2030, and a greenhouse gas free electric grid in 2040.

Read the fact sheet [PDF]

Investment Areas

  • Grid Enhancing Technologies (GETs)
  • Improving situational awareness on the grid
  • Energy storage and transmission as a distribution asset
  • Grid stability and energy deliverability
  • Modernization of the electric grid to reduce impacts due to extreme weather and natural disaster

Check out PON 4393 - Electric Power Transmission and Distribution (Future Grid Challenges) Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.


NYSERDA partners with academia, national labs, utilities, industry, and working groups to contribute to New York's modernization of the grid.

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