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Clean Energy Economy

clean energy economy

Powering a Greener Future for New York

New York’s clean energy economy encompasses multiple sectors, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean transportation, grid modernization and storage, and renewable fuels. Our nation-leading climate policies continue to drive investment and job creation across these clean energy sectors.

New York State is actively establishing itself as a hub for clean energy innovation and research, attracting investment for the advancement of cutting-edge technologies at our academic institutions and industry research centers. These activities, plus forthcoming investment from the State and federal programs, position New York to build a supply chain for clean energy equipment and technologies and add hundreds of thousands of family-sustaining jobs over the coming years.

From manufacturing to research and development, and heat pump installers to offshore wind technicians, New Yorkers power the clean energy economy.

How We’re Driving Clean Energy Job Growth and Investment

NYSERDA supports training, new hire support, and market development to help employers and workers succeed in
New York's growing clean energy industry.

Building a thriving clean energy industry requires growing our workforce through training and education and investing in innovation to create new low-carbon technologies. It also means increasing the use of existing clean energy solutions like heat pumps and electric vehicles to transform how New Yorkers heat and cool their homes and get from A to B.

To achieve this goal, NYSERDA is working with State agency partners, labor unions, technical schools, universities, clean energy companies, and community organizations.

Here’s how:

Achieving a Robust Clean Energy Economy

By 2030, nearly half-a-million New Yorkers will be employed in clean energy and climate jobs across the State.

Our growing clean energy economy will provide opportunities for businesses and workers in every community. Training and education initiatives will prepare our existing and emerging workforce for quality jobs that deliver clean energy solutions to meet the goals of the Climate Act.

New York will continue mobilizing private capital via the NY Green Bank and leveraging federal funds to spur clean energy innovation.

This investment will solidify New York as a leading market for clean energy business growth and supply chain localization. This will include regional specialization, such as the Southern Tier emerging as one of the nation’s battery manufacturing and research hub.

Our Progress

We’re building a robust clean energy economy to benefit all New Yorkers. Expanding our clean energy workforce and garnering investment is essential to implementing existing solutions and developing new technologies to meet the challenges posed by climate change.

Our progress will be measured by clean energy industry job growth and the number of New Yorkers, particularly from historically disadvantaged populations, trained and employed in clean energy. The development of commercialized climate solutions and capital invested in clean energy, especially in Disadvantaged Communities, is also paramount to our success.

Other indicators of our progress can be found on New York’s Clean Energy Dashboard.

165,000 Clean Energy Jobs in 2021

New York had more than 165,000 clean energy jobs in 2021, which is a 17% increase from 2015.

Clean Energy Economy Programs and Initiatives

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