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EV Charging Station Permitting Resources


Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are becoming a common site across New York State. Municipalities are increasingly required to know how to treat applications for installing charging stations. Installations may be simple or complex, depending on the type of charging station and site. NYSERDA has developed materials to help municipalities, developers, planners, and planning board members learn the basics of charging stations and to navigate the process for permitting and promoting EV charging station installations.

  • DC Fast Charger Streamlined Permitting Guidebook [PDF] : The DC Fast Charger Streamlined Permitting Guidebook assesses existing DCFC permitting practices within the State and provides resources and information to Building Code Officials that can be used to streamline the DCFC permitting process. The Guidebook identifies pain points in the permitting process and offers remedies to enhance the overall experience for both permitting authorities and permit applicants during the plan check portion of the project. The Guidebook offers an introduction to both EV’s and EV charging in general, and also includes tools and resources for AHJs such as a guidance document on accessibility requirements, model ordinances and a sample permit application.
  • Promoting EV Charging Station Installations [PDF] : Learn about ways that planning boards can encourage developers to include charging stations in their projects
  • Administrative and Planning Strategies for Local Jurisdictions [PDF] : Policy tools for local governments to help their communities become EV-Ready
  • EV Ready Codes for the Built Environment [PDF] : Explains how codes relate to charging stations and what code provisions could be incorporated into local code to encourage a basic or advanced level of EV-readiness
  • Residential EV Permit Best Practices [PDF] : Provides best practices and sample application forms for residential charging station permitting

For additional information about siting and permitting of EV charging stations, please visit the Support Electric and the Planners & Municipalities page.

If you have any questions about EVs or the recommended best practices, please email questions to [email protected]. The NYSERDA team looks forward to partnering with communities across the State.