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Demand Response Programs


The electric distribution utilities and the wholesale system operator, the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), offer programs to customers to reduce electricity usage when demand on the network is highest. Known as demand response programs, they help avoid overload, reduce emissions, and avoid expensive equipment upgrades. Large energy users can participate in a demand response program and receive payments for reducing the use of electricity from the grid during periods of highest electricity demand. These periods of extreme energy use usually occur on the hottest days in the summer.

If operated correctly, it is possible for a large commercial building, industrial facility, or other large energy user to use energy storage to lower their energy bill, while simultaneously receiving additional revenue for participating in a demand response program from their utility or the NYISO. Energy storage makes it possible to meet your demand reduction commitment and receive payments without significantly changing your operations during period of high electricity demand.

Contact your utility for information on their demand response programs:

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