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Evaluation Reports


Evaluation activities are conducted by NYSERDA's evaluation team, which includes internal NYSERDA staff and external evaluation assistance contractors. These activities include development of program theories and logics, market characterization and assessment, and impact and process evaluations.

For other evaluation-related publications, studies and reports, see other reports below.

Other Reports:

NYSERDA's Indirect Benefits Framework

This framework serves as a playbook on how to effectively evaluate benefits resulting from NYSERDA’s market transformation initiatives, by typology, taking into account the discrete theory and logic associated with these initiatives.

Specifically, the framework serves to:

  • Outline a common approach to estimating indirect benefits that conforms with market transformation program evaluation best practices.
  • Provide a resource for NYSERDA and evaluators to plan, design, and implement market evaluation activities in a manner that helps to ensure timely collection of the data required to reliably estimate and claim indirect benefits.
  • Provide guidelines on how to identify and avoid or adjust double-counting of indirect benefits.
  • Create a well-documented methodological approach that can help NYSERDA communicate with stakeholders.

For more information, read NYSERDA's Measuring and Evaluating Indirect Benefits: Framework and Guidance for Use When Developing and Reporting NYSERDA Initiatives [PDF].

•Energy Storage Innovation Evaluation Case Study ◦ NYSERDA UEP and Ecolectro Report (PDF)
•Energy Storage Innovation Evaluation Case Study ◦ NYSERDA UEP and Ecolectro Report (PDF)

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