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Success Stories


Strategic energy management (SEM) has led to real, tangible benefits for businesses.

Camso – Off-Road Vehicle Products Manufacturer
Camso is always looking for new ways to stay up-to-date on cutting-edge industry best practices—energy use included. By adopting SEM processes, Camso has been able to better understand and control their energy use across their facilities. This has yielded direct cost savings and boosted employee interest in saving energy across the entire company.

View Camso case study [PDF]

Garlock – High-Performance Fluid Sealing Manufacturer
After investing in numerous energy improvements across their facilities, Garlock decided to take their energy efficiency to the next level by adopting a SEM plan. By syncing new energy project opportunities with their business goals, Garlock can tackle energy improvements in a more strategic way, without seeing any decrease in production or quality of their product.

View Garlock case study

Potters Industries – Glass Manufacturer
Maintaining safety, quality, and timeliness are top priorities for Potters. By incorporating SEM into its business operations, Potters reduced energy use, improved its profit margin, and empowered an energy-conscious workforce—all while upholding their stringent industry standards.

View Potters Industries case study [PDF]