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Electric School Bus Guidebook

Information, strategies, and resources to transition your ESB fleet

The New York State Electric School Bus (ESB) Guidebook contains information, strategies, and resources to assist school districts, contractors, and other stakeholders as they transition school buses in the State to zero-emission operation by 2035. The ESB Guidebook covers a variety of school bus electrification topics, including the environmental benefits of electrification, electric school bus and charger purchasing, available incentives, site planning, workforce training, and operations and maintenance of electric school buses.

The guides will be periodically updated with new materials and information on ESBs and the State’s transition.

Read the Guidebook by Topic

  • children getting on an electric school bus

    Benefits of School Bus Electrification

    Learn about the public health, environmental, and energy conservation benefits of electric school buses.
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  • electric school bus

    Electric School Bus Purchasing

    Discover available ESB models and how to navigate different procurement and financing methods for purchasing.
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  • electric school bus at charging station

    Electric School Bus Charger Purchasing

    Learn about available ESB chargers and how to procure, finance, and maintain charging infrastructure. 
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  • electric school bus utility panels

    Financial Incentives for Electric School Buses and Chargers

    Explore the federal and state financial incentives available for school districts as they transition to ESBs and install charging infrastructure.
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  • electric school bus dashboard

    Routing and Range Requirements for Electric School Buses

    Review important considerations for route planning and prioritization when transitioning to ESBs—and how factors like weather and terrain can affect driving range.
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  • Team standing in front of a school bus holding an award.

    Electric School Bus Storage and Charger Site Planning

    Lay the groundwork for developing a site plan for ESBs and charging equipment.
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  • workers on electric bus storage and charger site

    ESB Operations and Maintenance

    Learn about the facilities, personnel, policies, procedures, and resources required for proper operation and maintenance of electric school buses.
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  • electric school bus operations facility

    Electric School Bus Charging Equipment Operations and Management

    Access guidance on how to create an operations and maintenance plan for ESB charging equipment.
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  • charging station for an electric school bus

    Electric School Bus and Charging Safety

    Review additional safety measures, training, and resources for electric school buses and charging equipment.
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  • training on electric school bus maintenance

    Workforce Development Strategies and Training Needs

    Explore workforce development needs, strategies, and incentives to ensure districts are prepared for a seamless transition to ESBs.
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