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Clean Energy Apprenticeships

Start your career in the growing clean energy field with a paid apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are paid on-the-job training opportunities which involve a combination of classroom learning and hands-on work under the supervision of an expert tradesperson. Discover how an apprenticeship can help you develop in-demand skills and gain experience to jumpstart a rewarding, well-paying career in clean energy.

Benefits of High Quality Jobs

  • Earn a paycheck while you learn new hands-on skills
  • Begin your career in an in-demand field that is rapidly growing
  • Receive above average salaries, healthcare, and other great benefits
  • Support your community with meaningful work that makes a difference
  • Use your talents to reduce harmful carbon emissions and join the clean energy economy of the future

Apprenticeships for
New Yorkers in Clean Energy

New York State Registered Apprenticeship programs provide a vital educational pathway into a variety of careers.

Check out a few of these programs below.

1. HVAC Installer

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) mechanics play an important role in the transition to clean energy. As New York moves away from fossil fuels, HVAC mechanics will work with homeowners and businesses to install and repair clean heating and cooling systems (e.g., heat pumps), building energy management systems, and enhanced ventilation systems. In an HVAC mechanic apprenticeship, you will learn how to safely install and repair important energy-saving technologies while earning a paycheck and launching your well-paying career in clean energy.

Learn more about a career path as an HVAC installer

2. Offshore Wind Electrician

Electricians have a critical role in New York’s growing offshore wind industry, which is poised to provide 9,000 megawatts of renewable energy by 2035, or enough to power 6 million homes. Offshore wind electricians are involved throughout multiple phases of project development, including installing and connecting wiring, testing electrical systems, and inspecting equipment after installation. Training and apprenticeship opportunities are available across the State to prepare for a career in offshore wind.

Learn more about a career path as an offshore wind electrician

3. Offshore Wind Welder

Welders are trained to operate special equipment and perform techniques to fuse metals together, usually in fields such as manufacturing or construction. As New York State’s offshore wind industry expands and the need to manufacture and assemble wind turbines increases, welding will continue to be a high-demand skill. There are welding apprenticeships across the State that can equip you to work in the wind industry.

Learn more about a career path as a welder

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New York State offers registered apprenticeship opportunities to help you start your career in these exciting clean energy industries.

You Might Also Be Interested In

NYSERDA offers additional programs and resources to help begin or transition to a career in clean energy, including:

  • Clean Energy Internships: Helps prepare the next generation of clean energy professionals by funding paid internships for students and recent graduates at New York State’s clean energy businesses. Prospective interns are encouraged to learn more about participating businesses and apply today.
  • Climate Justice Fellowships: Year-long, full-time fellowships for individuals from historically underserved communities. NYSERDA provides funding for salaries and professional development so that fellows have the opportunity to work within businesses and organizations that advance climate justice and clean energy priorities for disadvantaged communities. Please note: host employers must apply to the program with a specific fellow candidate in mind.
  • Directory of Free Online Clean Energy Training: Explore free online clean energy training opportunities to expand your knowledge on a variety of clean energy categories.
  • Read about our apprenticeship case study with Laborers' International Union of North America.

For a full list of offers for job seekers, visit our workforce development page.

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