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Energy management has led to real, tangible benefits for businesses.

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  • 55 Water Street Corporation

    Manhattan's largest office building achieves 14.7% energy savings through clean heating and cooling and efficiency upgrades while preparing for whole-building electrification.

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  • 2050 Grand Concours

    13-story multifamily building showcases all-electric design with onsite solar, heat pumps, and high-performance insulation.

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  • Hudson Square Properties: 345 Hudson Street

    17-story building demonstrates thermal networking approach to recover, store, and share heat to minimize waste.

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  • IBM Yorktown Heights

    Research center implements a mix of capital investments and no-cost improvements to achieve 3.1% energy savings.

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  • Ideal Dairy

    Efficient ventilation, lighting, and equipment enhance comfort and productivity on growing dairy farm.

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  • International Tailoring Company Building

    13-story co-op building installs heat pumps and smart thermostats, reducing emissions by around 80% and supporting Local Law 97 compliance.

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  • Jefferson Community College

    College implements energy efficiency upgrades and clean energy projects, meeting campus GHG emission reduction target five years early.

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  • Mount Sinai

    Hospital implements HVAC and central plant process improvements and installs energy control modules to reduce energy consumption by 10%.

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  • Savanna Fund

    Real estate firm installs efficiency upgrades and heat pumps across its 13-building portfolio with a payback of fewer than three years.

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