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Additional Opportunities


In addition to the high impact actions and grant awards, the Clean Energy Communities program offers additional opportunities that only participating communities can take advantage of.

Disadvantaged Community Opportunities

The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (Climate Act) requires State agencies, authorities, and entities to direct a minimum of 35%, with a goal of 40%, of the benefits of their spending to disadvantaged communities.

Designation or Action Grant awards greater than $5,000 may be eligible for a grant bonus of up to 50% of the awarded grant amount for a clean energy project, if the project is located in a New York State Disadvantaged Community in the applying jurisdiction.

The DAC map can be found on the Climate Act Website Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page..

A project location lookup tool Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. also is available. Eligibility is subject to NYSERDA verification.

Clean Energy Communities (CEC) Energy Studies

What is a CEC Energy Study?

CEC Energy Studies are prepared by consultants working on NYSERDA's behalf, and include a comprehensive, fuel-neutral, unbiased evaluation of all potential cost effective low-cost/no-cost and capital improvement upgrades, as well as potential electrification measures using a standardized calculation methodology pre-approved by NYSERDA. The cost of the study(ies) are paid directly by NYSERDA to the third-party vendor.

Opportunities to receive a CEC Energy Study

  1. Through grant funding - For grant awards greater than $5,000, municipalities may apply to use funds for one or more CEC Energy Studies. An amount equal to the cost of the CEC Energy Study(ies) will be deducted from the original grant award.
  2. Completion of Benchmarking – CEC Energy Study Qualification High Impact Action - Municipalities that have completed the Benchmarking – CEC Energy Study Qualification Item are eligible for a CEC Energy Study conducted on their choice of benchmarked building identified in the submitted Benchmarking – CEC Energy Study Qualification High Impact Action. This study will be provided at no cost and will not be deducted from any earned grant funding but will be available based on the completion of the Benchmarking – CEC Energy Study Qualification action.

Reach out to your Clean Energy Community Coordinator to discuss these additional opportunities.