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Workforce Staffing

Take the first step—assign or hire a dedicated on-site energy manager to oversee energy-efficient operations and maintenance in your building or facility

How it works

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, businesses can save 5 to 20 percent on their energy bills annually by implementing operations and maintenance best practices. The employees who install and maintain your facility or building’s energy-consuming equipment (heating and cooling systems, motors, lighting, etc.) are essential to capitalizing on these savings and to driving successful energy management for your business.

Consider assigning or hiring a dedicated, on-site energy manager for your building or facility. An energy manager is responsible for promoting operations and maintenance best practices, reducing energy costs, implementing workforce training programs, and more. This manager should also sit on your organization’s cross-functional energy team if one exists.

How you benefit

  • Drive profitability for your business by reducing downtime and increasing productivity
  • Improve the performance of your buildings and facilities
  • Drive alignment across your facilities on day-to-day energy management practices
  • Create a pipeline of skilled talent to fill open positions in your facilities or buildings

When you should consider it

Investing in workforce staffing may be good for your business if you are:

  • Looking to more effectively allocate and organize energy management responsibilities
  • Working to increase the skills of your employees in efficient operations
  • Investing in new equipment, systems, and technologies
  • Interested in creating a culture of sustainability and efficiency in your facility
  • Trying to obtain or improve a green building certification for your building

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