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Solar for All


Income-eligible New Yorkers can save up to $180 annually.


Program Update

Solar for All is currently fully subscribed in National Grid. You can still sign up for Solar for All in the following utilities:

  • Central Hudson
  • NYSEG (Chenango, Otsego, Sullivan, and Delaware counties only)
  • Orange & Rockland

If you are a National Grid customer and want to participate in Solar for All, you can still apply and be placed on a waitlist until a slot becomes available.

Solar for All is a New York State utility bill assistance program. New York State is funding solar farms to benefit homeowners and renters who may not be able to access solar (clean energy). Through Solar for All, eligible New Yorkers can get the benefits of clean energy while lowering their energy costs.

You may be eligible to join if you:

  • Rent or own your home
  • Are a veteran receiving disability benefits
  • Are on a fixed income
  • Earn a minimum wage
  • Participate in HEAP, SNAP, TANF, or other electric bill assistance programs

If you’ve ever driven past a field of solar panels, you may have wondered why they’re there and who they benefit. These solar farms – called community solar – are harnessing the power of the sun in order to provide energy to nearby communities. Solar for All gives income-eligible households the opportunity to take advantage of this energy.

By joining Solar for All, you will save on your monthly electricity bill – up to $180 per year – with no upfront costs or installation hassle. Save energy, save money, and help the planet when you participate in community solar. See if you are eligible and sign up today.

Why Join Solar for All

It's free: Solar for All is a free program for those who qualify. No sign-up costs, no monthly fees, no payments whatsoever.

You'll save money: Monthly bill credits will save you on average $5-15 dollars a month.

It’s easy: Once you are assigned to a project, you’ll see the $5-$15 credit on the same electric bill you already receive, without changing your electric utility. You can just sit back and start saving.

It's flexible: You can cancel anytime without penalty or payment.

You’ll help your community: Signing up for Solar for All means you’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a cleaner environment.

How It Works

Get Started & Apply

  1. See if you're eligible
  2. Apply to the program—you’ll need the following information:
  3. Receive eligibility notification within a few days of submitting your application
  4. Get assigned to a community solar project—timing may vary based on project availability. If a project isn’t available in your area, you will be put on a waitlist until a project becomes available near your community.
  5. Start receiving credits on your electricity bill, reducing your monthly utility costs


For questions about Solar for All or to request a paper application, please email us at [email protected] or call 866-NYSERDA.