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Great Lakes Wind Energy Feasibility Study


On October 15, 2020, the Commission adopted an Order to expand the State’s Clean Energy Standard in order to meet the 70 percent renewable energy by 2030 requirements of New York’s nation-leading climate legislation, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (Climate Act). In this Order, the Commission instructed NYSERDA to conduct a feasibility study of Great Lakes wind energy to consider the environmental, maritime, economic, and social issues as well as market barriers and costs of developing wind in the Great Lakes as an important step toward assessing the overall value and viability of this potential resource for helping New York achieve Climate Act goals. The Commission directed NYSERDA to commence this study within 180 days of the effective date of the Order to be completed with a total budget of $1 million.

The study occurred over the course of 18 months and considered existing and emerging technologies for fixed and floating turbines (including icing considerations unique to the Great Lakes), new technology development timelines, geospatial conditions, resource assessment, regulatory processes, permitting requirements and risks, potential conflicts, costs and economic opportunities, electrical infrastructure, and overall cost-reduction pathways for Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Four public webinars and one virtual public information session took place in the first year of study development.

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