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Patterns and Trends - New York State Energy Profile


Energy Patterns and Trends

In November 2023, the Energy Analysis program published Patterns and Trends - New York State Energy Profiles: 2007-2021 [PDF], a comprehensive storehouse of energy statistics and data on energy consumption, supply sources, and price and expenditure information for New York State. For a bound copy of this report, please call Kathleen Brust at 518-862-1090, ext. 3345. Quick links to specific sections of the report are provided below:

Fast Facts

The Energy Analysis program maintains a comprehensive set of New York State-specific energy statistics [PDF], as well as analytical capabilities to examine the wide range of energy issues that confront New York by providing staff support to New York's Energy Planning Board.

Patterns and Trends: New York State Energy Profile Dashboard

The Patterns and Trends Energy Consumption and Pricing Dashboard was updated in September 2023 and provides an overview of New York State’s energy profile over time. The dashboard currently covers consumption and pricing data of the New York State energy system.  Primary energy consumption, electric generation, net energy consumption, and pricing by fuel type and sector are provided. The data showing is typically two or more years in the past but represents the most current data available.

The below dashboard is best viewed in the landscape orientation. Please turn your phone sideways for the optimal experience.



Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration State Energy Data System, New York Independent System Operator Load & Capacity Report

Energy consumption inquiries should be addressed to [email protected].