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Degrees & Certifications

It’s easy to start your clean energy career


There are a variety of pathways to a clean energy career. Many entry-level positions do not require a college degree, and there are programs to start preparing for a clean energy career as early as high school. If you are considering college or going back to school for a professional certification, there are more clean energy degrees and certifications available in New York State now than ever before.

Degree Programs

Degree programs are typically offered through colleges and universities and designed to educate students in a chosen field of study. Recently, more degree programs have been designed specifically to prepare students for a career in clean energy.

  • Earn a college degree in an in-demand and rewarding field
  • Join a campus community with like-minded students and teachers
  • Become a clean energy expert through specialized coursework, research, and hands-on learning
  • Complement your clean energy studies with relevant coursework in disciplines such as business or finance
  • Get ahead with the support of an alumni network

Certification Programs

Clean energy certification programs are typically shorter than a full degree program while still providing qualifications and skills to enter the field. They can be offered through professional associations, colleges, universities, or other educational institutions and often integrate professional development opportunities with coursework in a specific clean energy discipline, such as building operations or solar installation.

  • Take the next step in your clean energy career
  • Set yourself apart by specializing your skillset
  • Demonstrate your commitment to clients and employers
  • Continue your education while you work full-time or part-time
  • Invest in yourself without committing to a long-term degree program

Explore Career Paths to See Where Your Education May Take You

The transition to clean energy is creating a wave of new economic activity and job opportunities right here in New York. Degrees and certifications are a great way to set yourself up for long-term growth in a clean energy career. Explore the career maps below to see what a future in clean energy could look like for you!

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