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Focus Area: Advanced Buildings

From single family homes to skyscrapers, buildings demand a lot of energy and are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in New York State. Nearly 80% of buildings across the State were constructed before energy codes emerged in the 1970s; they were not designed to be energy efficient.

Energy innovators working on new technology to lower building emissions and energy find support developing and commercializing innovations that will help decarbonize the building stock in New York with NYSERDA’s Advanced Buildings program.

Investment Areas

  • Clean forms of heating and cooling buildings
  • Building envelope (shell) improvement solutions for retrofits and new construction
  • Solutions to enable low GHG refrigerants
  • Thermal storage solutions that enable load flexibility and higher energy efficiency
  • Low embodied carbon building materials
  • Intelligent buildings – capable of grid (buildings as a distributed energy resource) and occupant interactions, improve operational efficiency and resiliency
  • Apply to the $10M Empire Technology Prize Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.


NYSERDA partners with numerous federal and state agencies as well as industry associations on policy and innovations for healthy, efficient, and affordable solutions for building materials, heating and cooling, and more. 

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