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How to Participate in NYTVIP: Vehicle Manufacturers


NYTVIP encourages vehicle manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs), and Upfit/Retrofit Manufacturers (URMs) to offer a wide range of zero-emission technologies and vehicle designs to meet New York State’s growing demand for zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. By stimulating fleet adoption of cleaner commercial vehicles, NYTVIP aims to catalyze the development of a robust and advanced clean vehicle economy for New York State.

To participate in NYTVIP, vehicle manufacturers and modifiers must apply to have their vehicles listed for voucher eligibility by submitting a Vehicle Eligibility Application [XLSX]Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. to the Voucher Help Center (VHC) at NYTVIP@energycenter.org. Once a vehicle has been approved, the information will be posted on the NYTVIP website, where fleets will be able to identify the vehicle models and technologies that best suit their needs.

Vehicle eligibility guidelines can be found in Section 2.1 of the Program Implementation ManualLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.. Generally, however, a vehicle must be a class 3-8 battery electric vehicle or a class 4-8 hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (personal passenger vehicles are NOT eligible).

Voucher Process for Vehicle Manufacturers

  1. Step 1

    Vehicle Eligibility Application

  2. Step 2

    Vehicle Eligibility review

  3. Step 3

    Vehicle Eligibility determination

  4. Step 4

    OEM authorization for Contractors

  5. Step 5

    Voucher Applications

  • Step 2: Vehicle Eligibility Review
    Vehicle Eligibility Application is reviewed by NYSERDA for final approval or to identify missing information.
  • Step 3: Vehicle Eligibility Determination
    NYSERDA informs manufacturer of its judgment on vehicle eligibility. If approved, NYSERDA will post the vehicle model on the Eligible Vehicles List. If additional information or documentation is needed, the VHC will contact the manufacturer to clarify what is needed.
  • Step 4: Contractor Authorization to Sell Vehicle
    New dealer submits Contractor ApplicationLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. with proof of manufacturer authorization to sell the approved vehicle; existing Contractor would update list of authorized vehicles.
  • Step 5: Voucher Applications
    The approved vehicle can be sold through the Program by participating Contractors that are approved to participate in NYTVIP and are authorized to sell the vehicle by its manufacturer.

Apply for Vehicle Eligibility

To apply to register your vehicle model in NYTVIP, download and complete the Vehicle Eligibility Application [XLSX]Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. and complete the “Checklist & Certification” tab. Submit the form and documentation listed in the checklist via email to the Voucher Help Center at NYTVIP@energycenter.org.