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Combined Heat and Power

Capture all your business’s wasted energy to drive cost savings—learn how a combined heat and power system can bring value to your business

How it works

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems, also known as cogeneration systems, provide on-site electric power, heating, and cooling from a single fuel source. CHP systems recover the heat wasted during power generation and use it as an energy source. That energy can then fuel industrial processes, provide domestic hot water, or space heating and cooling.

CHP systems are designed to run on a daily basis, saving energy and providing resiliency during grid outages. They are also more reliable than traditional backup generators.

How you benefit

  • Lower operating and fuel costs by reducing your power and thermal loads
  • Generate reliable, high-quality backup power during outages
  • Safeguard against future electricity price increases and volatility
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and healthier community

When you should consider it

Combined heat and power systems may be good for your business if you are:

  • Managing large-scale facilities or multi-building complexes
  • Experiencing significant, consistent power and thermal loads
  • Operating equipment or systems that are mission-critical to run at all times
  • Using renewables (such as solar) to generate energy on-site
  • Trying to obtain or improve a green building certification for your building

Where to Start

Engage with the experts at the US Department of Energy's CHP Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. to find out if your facility is a good candidate for CHP. The CHP TAP of NY/NJ can provide free technical assistance and help you navigate the DOE eCatalog of Recognized Packaged CHP Systems Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.. The eCatalog contains CHP Packagers who commit to provide pre-engineered and tested Packaged CHP systems that meet or exceed DOE performance requirements, and CHP Solution Providers who commit to provide responsible installation, commissioning, maintenance and service of recognized Packaged CHP systems and also provide a single point of project responsibility.

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