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Take advantage of white glove service exclusively for SUNY institutions to prioritize and implement clean energy opportunities.

NYSERDA offers a wide range of programs and services that can be leveraged to help you make progress toward your clean energy goals. The SUNY Concierge can help you navigate available programs and services to determine the best path based on your needs and priorities.

The SUNY Concierge is available to help you prioritize your energy objectives, to navigate applicable NYSERDA offerings based on your clean energy projects, and to provide application assistance for NYSERDA’s open-enrollment programs.

NYSERDA Programs available to SUNY Campuses

On-site Energy Manager

Demonstrates the value of an on-site energy manager to drive energy and operational improvements on campus.

Roadmaps Technical Assistance

Provides cost share for a third-party energy consultant to assist in evaluating existing campus energy conditions and establishing a roadmap for managing changing campus energy needs.

Flexible Technical Assistance (FlexTech)

Offers cost-shared technical services to help businesses operating in New York State make smart energy decisions. A dedicated team of engineers, technology experts, and energy consultants works with customers to create a customized assessment that identifies specific opportunities for reducing energy consumption and costs.

Real Time Energy Management (RTEM)

RTEM uses technologies to collect data about a building and uses that data to optimize the building’s energy usage. This program supports building owners and building management companies and the RTEM system and service providers who help them to select, install, and use appropriate RTEM systems.


Provides financial incentives to help reduce the installation costs associated with solar electric systems larger than 200kW.

Please note, to be eligible for these programs, the SUNY Campus must contribute to the electric System Benefits Charge on its utility bill.

Additional opportunities may be available to you through the New York Power Authority.

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