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Where climate tech gets real



Driving transformational change in clean energy markets

New York State has invested more than $800 million over 10 years to accelerate the pace of innovation and build a world class hub for clean energy research and development and technology commercialization.

Within the Clean Energy Fund since 2017, Innovation has invested $13M in seed companies, $70M in early-stage companies and $46M in later stage companies.


We create value and reduce risk through:

  • Climate industry innovations chosen in a competitive selection process
  • R&D projects that test and accelerate solutions
  • Collaborative industry forums
  • Co-investment alongside industry investments


In their own words - investor interviews 

Building a resilient, equitable energy system

More than 299 new and improved climate tech and clean energy solutions in six focus areas have already been commercialized, collectively generating $14 million in sales.

Investment Percentages

Investment Distribution Chart Investment Distribution Chart

Quality Investment

Every dollar of NYSERDA funding contributes $10 in leveraged funds and our leverage rate grew from 4.4 in 2017 to 10.3 in 2022.

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