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Build Ready


The Build-Ready Program advances large-scale renewable energy projects on underutilized land, such as brownfields, landfills, former industrial sites, parking lots, and abandoned or existing commercial and industrial sites.

Working with local partners and stakeholders, the Build-Ready Program takes difficult sites and makes them “build-ready” for private renewable energy developers to ultimately construct and operate. The Build-Ready Program carries out the project design, engineering, permitting, and electric grid interconnection activities as well as developing a project host community benefit package. Once a site has reached specific develop milestones, the Build-Ready Program runs a competitive request for proposal to award and transfer the project to a private developer for final design, financing, construction, ownership, and operation and to procure Tier 1 Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) created through the production of renewable energy from the Build-Ready project.

  • Build Ready Site Nomination Form Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.
    This form is submitted to the Build Ready team to nominate a site. Proof of submission is needed to submit for Clean Energy Communities credit.
  • Build Ready Website
    Find resources, webinars, and templates as well as the site nomination form on the Build Ready Program’s website.
  • Fact Sheet [PDF]
    This fact sheet provides a brief description of the Build-Ready action along with the benefits communities can expect to achieve.