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Corporate Commitment & Dedicated Energy Teams

Take the first step—make energy a central part of your mission and form a cross-functional team dedicated to managing it

How it works

Make the Commitment.

Strategic energy management starts with an executive-level commitment to make energy integral to your mission and to allocate funding and staff time toward managing it. Successful programs depend on this commitment, signaling your dedication to energy management across the organization, investors, customers, and other key stakeholders.

Institute an Energy Policy.

Make your commitment transparent by instituting an energy policy. The policy should articulate your energy management vision and governance approach to employees, investors, customers, and other key stakeholders. A successful energy policy will also communicate how energy management ties into your business’s strategic goals and values. 

Identify an Energy Leader.

Signal the importance of this commitment by identifying a senior-level employee to serve as an energy leader or champion. Depending on your organization’s mission and size, who plays this role and whether the responsibility is full-time or part-time will vary. Your energy leader does not need to be an expert on energy systems, but should understand the positive impact energy management can bring to all areas of a business, such as financial gains and improved safety.   

Form a Cross-Functional Team.

The chosen energy leader should be supported by a cross-functional team to develop and monitor your energy strategy. The team should include stakeholders from all areas of the business, including sustainability, procurement, facilities management, and others. This will ensure the integration of energy management best practices across the entire organization.

How you benefit

  • Drive alignment across the organization on your energy management objectives
  • Provide greater transparency into your operations and sustainable business practices
  • Enhance your brand reputation as a committed sustainability leader to employees, customers, investors, and other key stakeholders
  • Increase retention and talent acquisition for employees seeking careers with sustainability-minded companies

When you should consider it

Making a corporate commitment and forming a dedicated energy team may be good for your business if you are:

  • Starting an energy management program or strategy
  • Looking to integrate sustainability into your strategic business goals and values
  • Changing the way your organization and workforce think about and use energy
  • Looking to more effectively allocate and organize energy management responsibilities

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