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Enjoy a safer, healthier, energy-efficient home

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For New Yorkers living in apartments, condos, or housing co-ops, making energy efficient upgrades to your home may involve collaboration with landlords, associations, or co-op boards. 

Discover information about available programs that can help you make your apartment or condo more energy efficient. These programs can also help landlords, associations, and housing co-ops save money on operating expenses, stay compliant with building energy codes, and improve the safety of their residents. 

How You Benefit

  • Lower your utility bills by using less energy each month. 
  • Feel more comfortable in your home with fewer drafts and better heating and cooling.
  • Enjoy a better living environment with improved site aesthetics, improved indoor air quality, and higher quality lighting.
  • Experience peace of mind with products, appliances, and equipment that are safer and have fewer maintenance issues.
  • Live a more sustainable lifestyle with low-carbon technologies.

When to Consider

Our incentive programs and financing options may be good for your apartment or condo if you are:

  • Experiencing high bills on services like electricity, heating, or water.
  • Dealing with uncomfortable drafts in your apartment or condo.
  • Living in an older building that may have outdated insulation and equipment.
  • Using window air conditioning units to stay cool in the summer.

Learn About Residential Programs

As a renter or condo owner, you can implement energy-saving tips or explore NYSERDA programs to improve your home’s energy use. Please note, program opportunities may vary based on location, the number of units in your building, resident income levels, and other qualifying factors. Talk to your landlord, association, or co-op board about the best options for your home.


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