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Clean Green Hospitals


New York’s clean energy transition stands to strengthen hospitals’ resilience to energy price volatility and the impacts of climate change. Yet, hospitals face unique challenges in their energy management and adoption of clean energy technologies. Capital improvements must balance efforts to reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions with patient care and comfort.

NYSERDA is providing funding and incentives to help hospitals overcome cost barriers and bridge the gap to energy-saving investments.

Hospital Clean Energy Programs & Resources

Hospitals that pay the System Benefits Charge (SBC) on their electric bill can leverage NYSERDA programs to help reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. For a limited time, Safety Net [PDF] and hospitals serving New York’s Disadvantaged Communities may be eligible for an increased cost share under the FlexTech and OsEM programs.

Flexible Technical Assistance (FlexTech)

Hospitals are eligible for a 50-100% cost-share from NYSERDA for completing an energy study on an individual building or campus. Eligible projects may evaluate site-specific opportunities for clean energy systems and efficiency upgrades with potential for energy savings, emissions reduction, and process improvements. Hospitals can work with a NYSERDA FlexTech Consultant to develop an energy study that suits their unique needs.

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On-site Energy Manager (OsEM)

Hiring a full- or part-time on-site energy manager, with 75-100% cost-share support from NYSERDA, can help hospitals better understand their energy use and identify cost-saving improvements to their facilities and operating systems. Funding thresholds are based on a hospital’s annual energy costs, while bonus payments may be awarded for retaining an energy manager longer-term or demonstrating annual energy savings of 1% or more.

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Building Operations and Maintenance Training Program

Funding is available to train facilities and maintenance staff to support hospitals transition to efficient, low-carbon building systems. Increasing staff knowledge and skills in preventive maintenance and efficiency improvements can reduce operating costs, energy use, and emissions. NYSERDA provides cost-share support for proposals up to $500,000 to fund a range of training activities.

Learn more about the Building Operation and Maintenance Training program

Decarbonize with Resilience - A Guide for New York Hospitals

This guide was created to support hospital facility directors and other key staff in their efforts to decarbonize and meet the goals of the Climate Act and local regulation, such as NYC's Local Law 97. It contains tools and resources to help hospital personnel evaluate the current state of their facilities, develop an overall decarbonization strategy, identify and prioritize projects, and secure the funding needed to cost-effectively complete them.

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Additional Clean Energy Programs & Opportunities

Inflation Reduction Act Benefits for Hospitals

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) represents the single largest investment in climate and energy in U.S. history, directing billions of dollars toward homeowners, renters, and businesses to lower the cost of clean energy technologies.

The IRA unlocks opportunities for hospitals, too, including incentives for energy efficiency improvements, electric vehicles, solar panels, and clean heating and cooling technologies like heat pumps.

Tax-exempt hospitals that have been historically excluded from claiming tax credits can now do so through the IRA. Known as elective pay (also called direct pay), this provision allows tax-exempt entities to receive a payment equal to the IRA tax credit for a range of clean energy investments.

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