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Careers in EVs & Charging

Energize your future with a career in Electric Vehicles & Charging

A career working with electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charging stations is a really smart choice for job seekers who want to set themselves up for a rewarding, stable, and successful future—and even if you don’t know much about things like electrical work, EVs, and charging stations now, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn!

You’ve probably been seeing a lot of EVs on the road recently. That’s because EVs are significantly more energy efficient, require fewer repairs, often cheaper than a tank of gas when you charge your car with electricity. Not only that, EVs do not have any tailpipe exhaust, so they can help us all breathe cleaner air. These benefits make EVs an increasingly popular choice for drivers—and an industry that will be in demand for job seekers for many years to come.

Why Work in EVs & Charging?

Key Career Opportunities in EVs & Charging

1. EV Mechanic

Just like a mechanic is trained to fix a variety of vehicles, an EV Mechanic is trained to repair the specialized technologies that are used in EVs. If you are interested in car, trucks, or motorcycles and are excited about the new electric models that are currently hitting the streets, becoming an auto mechanic with a specialization in EVs is a great way to start a career while helping people reduce vehicle emissions and clean up the air we breathe. 

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2. EV Charging Station Installer

Building, operating, and maintaining new EV charging stations is necessary to help EV drivers recharge their cars while they are on the road. You can help drivers accelerate the switch to EVs by becoming an EV Charging Station Installer. Most Charging Station Installers are electricians. 

Learn more about becoming an EV Charging Station Installer

An Inclusive Career

For the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy to work, we need to make sure that everyone gets a seat at the table. That includes clean energy career opportunities like EVs & charging.

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