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Lighting and Controls

Looking for the easiest and lowest-cost way to save energy in your business? Upgrade to high-efficiency lighting solutions

How it Works


Upgrading lighting is one of the easiest, affordable, and most high-impact ways to save energy in your business. High-efficiency lights (such as LEDs) use less energy, cost less to operate, and can last up to 25 times longer than conventional lighting options (such as incandescents, fluorescents, and halogens). By simply switching to LED products, you can reduce lighting-related energy costs by as much as 90 percent.

When looking for lighting solutions, always look for ENERGY STAR® rated products. This is the easiest and most reliable way to ensure the lighting delivers exceptional features while using less energy and saving more money.

Lighting Controls & Sensors

Lighting controls and sensors help you get the most out of your lighting system by using light only when and where necessary—both indoors and outdoors. They save energy by automatically adjusting the lights based on the time of day (dimmer controls) or turning off the lights when a space is empty (occupancy sensors) or when lighting is not needed (timer controls and motion sensors).


Daylighting systems and strategies allow businesses to harness natural sunlight, via skylights and windows, as a light source to save on energy costs. Daylighting looks at the type of window, window placement, and interior design to control how sunlight comes in. By reducing the need for artificial lighting in your building, you can create a more appealing, productive, and comfortable environment for both employees and customers. The best time to consider daylighting strategies is during renovations or new building construction.

How you benefit

  • Lower operating costs through reduced electricity bills
  • Reduce maintenance time and costs - high-efficiency lighting has a longer life span
  • Improve employee productivity and customer comfort with well-lit spaces
  • Create a safe environment with reliable indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Enhance showcasing of retail products with improved aesthetics

When you should consider it

Lighting upgrades and controls may be good for your business if you are:

  • Looking for easy, cost-effective ways to increase your energy performance
  • Spending significant time replacing burned-out light bulbs
  • Undergoing a renovation or new construction project
  • Trying to obtain or improve a green building certification for your building

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