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Charge Electric


Charging an electric car can be convenient and easy, while saving drivers money compared to fueling up with gasoline. Interested in learning more about charging electric cars?

Charging Station Options

Destination Charging Stations

A destination charging station

How it Works

Use a charging station app to find one of the thousands of Level 2 stations that is near your destination. Depending upon its host, using it may be free or cost a small fee.

When to use it

Ideal for topping off when you park somewhere for a while, like a workplace or parking garage

On-the-Go Charging Stations

on-the-go charging station

How it Works

Pay and use any of the hundreds of NYS fast chargers to rapidly charge your car, similar ot how you would use a conventional gas station.

When to use it

As a stopover on longer road trips when you need to charge up as you go


Charging Information for Site Owners

Do you manage a commercial property, a retail store, a public parking facility, a multifamily building, or a similar type of site? If so, becoming an electric vehicle (EV) charging station owner may be good for business. Your facility can serve as an attractive destination for electric car owners, whether they are your customers or tenants. Not only do electric car drivers like to “top off” wherever they go, but many savvy consumers plan longer trips with charging breaks in mind.