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Clean Energy Communities Map


The communities highlighted on this map are demonstrating their commitment to clean energy by participating in the Clean Energy Communities Program. A community can complete High Impact Actions to earn points and access to grant funding. A community must complete at least four High Impact Actions to earn the Clean Energy Communities designation.



To display the actions that a specific community has completed, hover your cursor over the circle icon for that community. Display all communities that have completed a particular action by using the “Filter by High-Impact Actions” buttons. In the legend, click on the “Designation Status” icons to display only the communities that have earned the Clean Energy Community designation (“Designated CEC”), or those communities that have completed at least one high-impact action under the program (“Participating Communities”). You can click on the “Community Size” icons to display only the communities that have over 40,000 population (“Large Communities”) or that have a population of 39,999 or less (“Small Communities”).