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Solarize for Contractors


NYSERDA prequalifies solar electric contractors to participate in Solarize campaigns. Solarize campaigns are locally organized community outreach efforts aimed at getting a group of homes and businesses in one area to adopt solar. Solarize campaigns select a solar installer to serve the campaign’s solar customers. NYSERDA provides Solarize campaigns with a list of prequalified solar electric contractors.

Solarize contractors are responsible for such roles as:

  • Play active role in select Solarize events
  • Manage leads
  • Perform site assessments
  • Provide general customer service
  • Provide Solarize Team with relevant data
  • Contract and install solar electric systems, including managing all local permits and the interconnection process


  • Achieve NY-Sun Participating Contractor status in full compliance with all program rules
  • Uphold a satisfactory average QA inspection score in the NY-Sun Incentive Program; unsatisfactory QA scores may result in denial of participation
  • Maintain insurance of the types and in the amounts specified in Article 6 of the Participation Agreement with NYSERDA under the NY-Sun Incentive Program
  • Hold all relevant licenses and other requirements for the jurisdiction(s) served by the Solarize campaign
  • Demonstrate financial strength and credit relationships by providing a financial plan that accounts for the volume Solarize campaigns produce
  • Submit Solarize campaign proposal that meets all set requirements by deadline

How to prequalify

Before you respond to a Solarize campaign, you must be approved as a NY-Sun Participating Contractor in the Residential & Nonresidential Program and in good standing. If you meet those requirements then email the following information to [email protected]:

  • Name of the business
  • Address
  • Contractor/Builder relationship if applicable

Contractors and/or builders must establish a relationship between each other prior to project application submittal. Please review the Program Manuals for more information on the Contractor/Builder model.