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Green Power Procurement

Make the switch—source and choose renewable, clean energy to power your business

How it Works

Electricity comes from a variety of sources, including natural gas, coal, nuclear, wind, and solar. Green power, also referred to as renewable energy, is electricity generated from energy sources that are environmentally friendly, such as solar, wind, biomass, and hydropower. In New York State, you have the option to choose what type of energy is supplied to your business.

By choosing green power for some or all of your energy supply, you are supporting the development of environmentally sustainable electricity generation. A broad range of green power supply options allow you to select a procurement approach to best meet your needs.

Where green power is not an option, purchasing carbon offsets may be a good alternative. A carbon offset allows you to help fund an off-site carbon reduction project, such as a solar project in an affordable housing community or a reforestation effort in a developing country. By sponsoring one of these projects, you can offset your own carbon emissions. This means you can claim an indirect decrease in overall emissions, giving you the ability to reach net-neutral or even net-negative carbon emissions. Third-party brokers can help you determine how much to contribute to a project to appropriately offset your energy usage.

How you benefit

  • Diversify your electricity supply with cleaner, more sustainable energy
  • Safeguard against electricity price increases and volatility
  • Mitigate fuel supply disruptions by lowering demand for rail- or pipeline-delivered fuel
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your electricity use
  • Support economic development—choosing green power creates new jobs

When you should consider it

Procuring green power may be good for your business if you are:

  • Interested in renewable energy but unable to generate it on-site
  • Looking to establish predictable electricity costs and reduce demand charges
  • Finding new ways to positively differentiate your brand to different stakeholders
  • Trying to obtain or improve a green building certification for your building


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