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Residential & Nonresidential Solar Installers


To access NY-Sun incentives you must work with a participating installer. You can find an installer that services your county through the filtering tool below. Your installer will:

  • Inspect your location to determine the best system size and placement options
  • Assist with paperwork for applying for the NY-Sun incentive, including financing options
  • Submit all paperwork to NYSERDA on your behalf

What is the Quality Solar Installer Designation?

Installers that earn the NYSERDA Quality Solar Installers designation consistently meet high standards of quality. Hiring a NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer means you're choosing an installer who exceeds annual quality assurance criteria established by NYSERDA and consistently provides top tier performance and quality.

Gold Status is obtained when solar installers achieve the NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer designation for three consecutive years.

NYSERDA’s Quality Solar Installer designation is solely based on field inspected projects during the previous calendar year and the Gold Status is based on the Quality Solar Installer designation for previous three years. The Quality Solar Installer Designation and the Gold Status should not be construed as NYSERDA’s endorsement, guarantee, or warranty of any particular manufacturer, product, the Builder, or the Contractor. NYSERDA does not endorse, guarantee, or warrant any particular manufacturer, product, the Builder, or the Contractor, and NYSERDA disavows and provides no warranties, expressed or implied, for any product or services that may be rendered by participating contractor or builder.

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