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Energy Equity Collaborative

Providing a forum for collaboration between those that serve and represent historically marginalized communities and New York State.

The Energy Equity Collaborative is being established with a Founding Steering Committee in 2023. It will provide a coordinated forum for community-based organizations and stakeholders that are representative of or principally serve Disadvantaged Communities Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page., and NYSERDA to work together to address energy equity and climate justice issues and develop equitable programs.

With NYSERDA’s support, the Collaborative will host public meetings and create working groups for sector-specific issues. The Collaborative will host a network of organizations that help ensure the experiences and needs of under-resourced and historically marginalized communities are front and center in decision-making and program planning. The Collaborative includes participation from other New York State agencies, including members of the interagency Low-Income Energy Task Force, with which NYSERDA will coordinate on issues and opportunities raised.

Purpose of the Energy Equity Collaborative

Founding Steering Committee

The Collaborative is co-led by a Founding Steering Committee comprised of the following community-based organizations that primarily serve historically marginalized and otherwise disadvantaged communities:

The Founding Steering Committee is helping organize the structure, focus, engagement, and launch of the Collaborative that will eventually engage a very broad and diverse network of community-based organizations. The Founding Steering Committee will also provide input, as needed, on early-stage planning of initiatives from NYSERDA during the first year. While the Collaborative will serve in an advisory role to NYSERDA (i.e., not a legal entity or formal decision-making body), NYSERDA commits to transparency and accountability around issues and opportunities identified by the Founding Steering Committee, and to collaborating on solutions.

The Founding Steering Committee Selection Criteria [PDF], developed in collaboration with community stakeholders, were used to guide selection of Founding Steering Committee members. The Founding Steering Committee will also establish the process for organizations to participate in the Collaborative and determine how future Steering Committees will be selected in 2024 and beyond.