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Advanced R&D. Top-tier talent. Global market access.

[email protected] is the pivot point for a vibrant ecosystem fast-tracking climate solutions, catalyzing investment, and attracting world class innovators to set up shop in New York. 

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Every dollar of NYSERDA funding contributes $10 in leveraged funds and our leverage rate grew from 4.4 in 2017 to 10.3 in 2022.

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Climate Tech Innovators Gain the competitive advantage of world-leading research, funding, and critical support to develop, pilot, and scale your climate tech solution Research and Development Partners Access a statewide supercluster of research institutions, accelerators, and incubators helping solve complex climate challenges to fight climate change Investors Learn how our continuum of research, funding, and market activation spurs economic growth and nurtures talent to create opportunity and reduce risk

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[email protected] focus areas guide research, development, and investment priorities to address the goals of New York's Climate Act.

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A diverse group of professionals skilled in business building, climate change technologies, and investment in sustainability-focused opportunities comprises the future-focused [email protected] team.
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The foundational source of long term global economic growth and improvements of quality of life is technological innovation. Technological innovation can be linked to three quarters of the U.S. grown rates since WW I.

- U.S. Chamber of Commerce