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Where climate tech gets real.

Tech to Market


Accelerating climate solutions to reach New York's Climate Act goals

From concept to commercialization, NYSERDA-supported resources offer entrepreneurs and startups exclusive access to development partners, investors, and talent. NYSERDA manages a suite of tech-to-market programs in the climate tech ecosystem that support early-stage innovators on their path towards commercialization. 

We invest in:

  • Advanced buildings and building electrification
  • Clean transportation and mobility solutions
  • Grid and electricity resilience and modernization
  • Hydrogen and clean fuels
  • Energy Storage

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Innovation@NYSERDA is a go-to-market strategy

Tech to Market helps guide innovators in climate tech solutions across energy sectors. Find a program aimed at supporting innovation from early stage through commercialization.

Start Up Programs Start Up Programs

Support to grow and commercialize climate solutions

Navigating the funding challenge Tech to Market gives innovators an edge in finding funding sources for every stage of a climate tech company's growth. We help innovators identify prospective funders and learn how to secure financial backing

See our Start Up Programs above
Finding and training top talent NYSERDA supports six clean energy business incubators in strategic clusters across New York State, providing innovators with access to market, talent, and commercialization expertise along with mentorship in operationalizing business Learn more here Access New York's climate tech ecosystem Tech to Market opens the door to business development and networking opportunities that connect innovators to funding, partnerships, acquisitions, market development and more Read more about climate tech innovators

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