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Environmental Research Planning


NYSERDA’s Environmental Research Program is in the midst of its comprehensive planning effort. This plan builds upon the previous research plan, which was released in 2007 under the Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation, and Protection (EMEP) program. Through this process, working groups of science and policy experts identify critical gaps and research needs in New York State, dividing their focus on the areas representing the major issues related to energy-related environmental impacts. The results will be compiled, and each component of the research plan will be made available here upon completion.

The plan’s potential users will not be limited to NYSERDA but will include other New York State, regional, and national research funding organizations; the scientific community; and policymakers. Implementation of the plan’s recommendations will help maximize the use of limited resources to serve the needs of New York State and others.

Current Plan Components

A Work in Progress

This plan should be viewed as a work in progress. As research findings become available and policies are implemented, it will be necessary to continually re-visit, revise, and reconsider priorities within this plan to ensure that it effectively addresses the current and future environmental issues of concern.

Past Research Plans

Advisory Groups

  • A Program Advisory Group [PDF] composed of representatives from New York State and federal agencies, utility organizations, and other public interest organizations guides the EMEP program from a big-picture perspective.
  • A Science Advisory Committee [PDF] composed of university-based federal and non-profit researchers assists EMEP in the development of its multi-year research plan and provides periodic review of critically important research.