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For Building Owners and Property Managers


Make your building work smarter, not harder, with training for operations and maintenance staff.

Increasing the efficiency of your buildings requires more than just new technology; it requires a highly trained staff that can identify, diagnose, and resolve energy-related issues. NYSERDA helps building owners and property managers reduce expenses and increase profitability with dedicated funding for workforce development and training. By investing in your building operations and maintenance staff with advanced energy efficiency education, we help you extend the lifespan of your critical equipment, improve staff retention and productivity, and ensure that you are meeting all of your compliance expectations. These outcomes can lead to safer, more comfortable buildings with a lower carbon footprint, greater tenant satisfaction, and a higher property value.

NYSERDA is helping building owners and property managers save energy and money with the following programs and resources:

  • Building Operations & Maintenance Training Program:  Empowers building operations and maintenance employees to significantly improve building efficiencies and reduce operating costs for building managers and owners, while contributing to the State’s energy efficiency and emission reduction goals.
  • Connect with Partners: NYSERDA's Partner Connector facilitates connections among training providers, employers, community partners, and other organizations that are interested in forming partnerships and collaborating within our workforce development and training programs.
  • Example Training Projects: Find inspiration for training projects at your organization by learning about the variety of technology areas, the mix of training providers, and the types of training program formats funded through NYSERDA’s Workforce Development and Training programs.