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Save Energy in Your Apartment


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Whether you rent or own a rental property, there are many opportunities to make your home or property more efficient, comfortable, and affordable. Taking energy-saving actions in a rental brings benefits to both landlords and renters—lower energy bills, increased health, and greater safety, among many others. NYSERDA offers the resources and tips to help both landlords and renters make and afford home energy improvements.

Energy Efficiency for Renters

As a renter, you may feel as though you don’t have control over the energy costs in your home. But there are many no-cost and low-cost opportunities to save energy without making any major changes to your space. For example, simple actions such as replacing inefficient light bulbs, using a programmable thermostat, and getting the correctly sized window air conditioner can reduce your monthly energy bills.

Benefits for Renters

Focusing on energy efficiency can bring you many benefits, including:

  • Cost Savings. Saving money through reduced energy bills
  • Comfort. Enjoying greater comfort in your home year-round by lowering humidity and moderating temperatures
  • Cleaner Environment. Contributing to a cleaner and healthier community by reducing your carbon footprint

Renter Energy-Saving Tips

NYSERDA has tips to help make your home more efficient without spending a lot of money, whether you are replacing inefficient light bulbs or installing low-flow showerheads. NYSERDA also has tips to help you find energy-efficient living options when looking for your next rental.

View tips and start saving.

Energy Efficiency for Landlords

As a landlord, you can improve your building or rental property by increasing its energy performance. With each energy-related upgrade you make, your property can become more efficient, marketable, and profitable.

Benefits for Landlords

Making energy efficiency upgrades can bring you many benefits, including:

  • Cost Savings. Achieving higher operational efficiency and saving money through reduced operating costs
  • Tenant Satisfaction. Bettering your tenants’ quality of life by reducing their energy bills and improving the comfort and safety of their homes
  • Property Marketability. Attracting an increasing population of energy-savvy tenants
  • Property Value. Increasing the value of your property by creating a more durable building (e.g., by mitigating moisture issues and ice damming)

Landlord Energy-Saving Tips

Nearly all of NYSERDA’s home energy-saving tips also apply to rental properties, and cover lighting, heating and cooling, insulation, water fixtures and heaters, and more.

View tips and start saving.

NYSERDA Support and Incentives

NYSERDA can help landlords solve common energy problems—and save money—through the Multifamily Performance Program (MPP) and EmPower New York.

Multifamily Performance Program

MPP offers customized, technical support, as well as financial incentives, to help fund the cost of making energy-efficient upgrades in affordable buildings with more than five units.

Learn more about the Multifamily Performance Program.

EmPower New York

EmPower New York offers no-cost energy efficiency services to income-eligible homeowners and renters, including insulation, air sealing, energy-efficient light bulbs, and replacement of an inefficient refrigerator and freezer. Landlords of buildings with 100 or fewer units can encourage their income-eligible tenants to apply.

Learn more about EmPower New York.