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How NYS Is Helping Building Owners Go Electric


Breaking Down Barriers to Building Electrification: What You Need to Know.

As part of an increasingly necessary push to lower carbon emissions, buildings in New York are moving toward electrification of systems like heating (such as air source heat pumps) and domestic hot water. To help make true progress toward a more sustainable future, building owners will need to play an active role in making building electrification a reality.

Building owners already have plenty on their plates managing their buildings’ operations and ensuring their residents have a comfortable, safe, and healthy building to call home. Adding the need to plan for increased energy compliance standards has the potential to feel overwhelming, but with the right resources and tools, the path to carbon neutrality opens the door to a host of far-reaching benefits.

Incorporating low carbon upgrades into building plans help make buildings more comfortable, safe, and cost-effective. It can also help owners reach Local Law 97 compliance standards, improve the communities we live in, and make a significant impact on the State’s efforts to lower carbon emissions.

For those just starting on the path to building electrification, the FlexTech program is a must-have financial resource. The program provides a cost share towards a comprehensive, actionable energy study of your multifamily building, focused on electrification and electrification readiness building improvement upgrades. These studies can uncover energy saving and carbon reduction opportunities unique to your building while allowing you to plan toward electrification.

For building owners looking for a step-by-step approach towards implementing low-carbon upgrades in your multifamily building, NYSERDA offers the Multifamily Low Carbon Pathways Program. Through any combination of four different packages (envelope, heating and cooling, ventilation, and domestic hot water), plus additional bonuses for upgrades like air sealing and induction stoves, you can bring deep carbon reductions and energy savings to your building while receiving financial incentives along the way.

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