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Combined Heat and Power Systems


Combined heat and power (CHP) systems provide on-site electric power, heating, and cooling from a single or blended fuel source. This power generation technology is also called cogeneration.

Common CHP equipment includes reciprocating engines, microturbines, fuel cells steam turbines, and gas turbines. Typical CHP customers may include industrial, commercial, institutional, and multifamily facilities; however, it is critical that the site has a strong need for thermal energy throughout the year.

Systems can be black start capable, providing resiliency when needed for a term contingent upon the fuel source. The level of resiliency is site and project specific. CHP systems are often evaluated for situations where resiliency is critical and are routinely incorporated into microgrids for this reason.

CHP and the Clean Energy Economy

As New York transitions to a clean energy economy, we are seeking to understand and explore all resources that may be available as part of the State’s comprehensive decarbonization strategy. Supporting innovation and studying all technologies will enable us to remain on the cutting edge of evolving solutions that will complement our existing decarbonization efforts in achieving the State’s ambitious Climate Act goals.

Biogas and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) are already being used in CHP systems and Hydrogen blends are being evaluated but additional research and review is needed. Generation equipment currently running on traditional fuels may be able to transition to lower-carbon fuels, including hydrogen, biogas, and RNG.

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Additional Resources

The Distributed Energy Resource Technical Assistance Partnership of NY/NJ (DER TAP) can provide free technical assistance and help you navigate the DOE eCatalog of Recognized Packaged CHP Systems Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.. The eCatalog contains CHP Packagers who commit to provide pre-engineered and tested Packaged CHP systems that meet or exceed Department Of Energy (DOE) performance requirements, and CHP Solution Providers who commit to provide responsible installation, commissioning, maintenance and service of recognized Packaged CHP systems and also provide a single point of project responsibility.

To engage with DOE experts, visit US Department of Energy's DER Technical Assistance Partnership (TAP) Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.. To learn more about Distributed Energy Resource technologies, their locations within NYS, and their system performance relative to similar installations visit NYSERDA’s Distributed Energy Resources data portal Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page..